Apologies … Mike Ashley is reported to be on the spend again but as ever it won’t be footballers for Newcastle United.

The Telegraph’s Oliver Gill on its business pages reports that Ashley is interested in buying up the financially troubled Goals Soccer Centres – click here. There is no information regarding the amounts Ashley might be about to invest (if he does). In the same newspaper there is also a report from Ashley Armstrong who reports Sports Direct have offered 52 millions to buy Game Digital, a company Ashley’s business has had a significant interest in for some time – click here.

Elsewhere Ashley’s business is mounting a legal challenge against the Debenhams rescue plan which is reported to have cost Big Mike tens of millions in his shareholding with the company – click here for another article in The Telegraph. 

The Telegraph is a rich source of information on Ashley’s business manoeuvrings and here is a less than flattering appraisal of Ashley’s attempts to get hold of Debenhams and how it went spectacularly wrong – click here from a piece from Business writer Ashley Armstrong. There is also a piece from the same writer regarding how Ashley’s much vaunted business genius might be being questioned by S****s D****t major shareholders following his 500 millions splurge on shops – click here whilst this piece details the lease-back arrangements on the vast S****s D****t warehouse at Shirebrook which suggests not all might be rosy in the Mike Ashley business garden – click here 

Back to Debenhams though and if you fancied laugh, have a look at this piece in The Independent about Ashley demanding Debenhams bosses take lie-detector tests.. Yes, that sound is the irony klaxon going off all over the country.

Obviously we’re all really upset Mike Ashley has lost a packet but he may be able to recoup some of his losses and give himself more spends for shops in trouble by selling Newcastle United and getting the fuck out of our lives. Just a thought.