From the Press Association regarding the money-grabbing tumour that is Mike Ashley: 

Rangers fans are waiting to read a judge’s ruling on the latest round of the club’s long-running High Court fight over merchandise sales with Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley. A company in the Sports Direct Group, SDI Retail Services, says Rangers are in breach of obligations under a deal relating to replica kit. Bosses at Rangers dispute claims made against them. Judge Lionel Persey finished overseeing the latest in a series of hearings at the High Court in London earlier this year. The judge, who had analysed a number of legal issues, was listed to hand down a ruling at a hearing in London on June 6. He said he had reached a decision – but he has not yet made his ruling publicly available. Rangers lost a round of the fight in October. Another judge ruled Rangers had breached the terms of an agreement made with SDI. Mr Justice Teare concluded that bosses at Rangers had made a new agreement with another firm without giving SDI a chance to match that firm’s offer. SDI subsequently made further complaints.

Now wonder what he’s doing with the money from Newcastle United merchandise.