Another season has dawned, and it has become a rinse and repeat exercise for Newcastle. Optimism, followed by annoyance, abject misery and questions, oh so many questions! Many of which are aimed at the one person in the dugout who doesn’t seem to have an idea past managing to put 11 players out on the pitch.

You look at the performances from the team, and you start to question why should I be turning up? What is said at half time? What do they do through the week? What is the point? In a team that does hold quite a bit of talent, yet the performances would anger any fan, regardless of level of football.

The noise from the stands seems to be getting louder as the weeks go on, how long can Newcastle go on with Steve Bruce at the helm? Here is a ‘manager’ who will constantly tell us that he has over 900 games in management behind him, yet that experience seems to completely disappear come match day, or rather worryingly he hasn’t picked up a decent idea in all that time, and seems to be happy to do things that worked on day one.

Yet while the noise from the fanbase may be getting louder, the noise from the halls of St James’ Park keeps a resolute nothing. No communication with the fans, no call for more from the man they paid actual money for to bring from Sheffield Wednesday. It makes you wonder what would Steve Bruce need to do to get sacked from his position as Newcastle manager. He says it himself, “How lucky is he?!”

Going against Ashley is not going to put his job at risk. Rafa did it brilliantly each week, and the only fight back was to offer next to nothing in transfer fees, yet the club still tried to keep the Spaniard when his contract was coming to an end.

The cost to sacking Bruce and his backroom staff you would think wouldn’t cost that much. As Bruce stated in the summer when talk of a new contract surfaced, he has a rolling contract. Surely then it would only cost the club one years pay in terms of a severance package, unless that money was used for Lee Charnley’s undeserved pay rise?

They could hope that his position becomes untenable. After all Keegan walked due to those at the club, and how things were run in the background. Alan Pardew decided to up and leave for Palace, when he was subject to anger from the faithful Toon Army (I’m sure Palace fans will thank us for that!), with little to no support from the hierarchy.

However, Bruce seems oblivious to the anger from fans, he did get letters of support after all! And there will never been an issue of the club not supporting him financially. Just look at the transfer windows he has had since he signed on the dotted line!

The remit from up top seems to be as long as the team continue to be a Premier League side, then job done. Would it then take a real threat of relegation for Mike Ashley to cut his losses and fire his Manager/Head Coach? That was the thinking last season among a lot of the fan base, when we spent most of the season praying that Fulham didn’t pick up the points, because we couldn’t see Newcastle picking up anything! Yet here we are at the start of another season and the clueless bacon connoisseur is still in the dugout!

The threat of relegation would have financial ramifications for our ‘esteemed’ owner. It would mean a total squad rebuild, which takes extra investment, and it could see an end to anything involving the dreaded ‘T’ word. But excuses were made, and Bruce remained.

Ashley has sacked three managers in his time as owner. Sam Allardyce, Chris Hughton and Steve ‘Wally with the Brolly’ McClaren. All three were sacked due to poor performances. You could argue Allardyce was sacked because he wasn’t Ashley’s choice. But Hughton was much loved among the fan base, and had overseen a dominant side in the Championship, yet a couple bad results in the promotion season, and he was given his marching orders.

The similarities between McClaren and Bruce are frightening, yet one was given the push, and one still remains, much to the irk of the fanbase.

You feel even Mike Ashley must have a breaking point! How much money does he allow Bruce to spend, before even he demands better than a relegation fight every year! We know from interviews over the summer that continued form could see some of our star players demand moves away from the club, and who could blame them?

Surely even the Sports Direct magnate can see the financial implications of losing Allan Saint-Maximin, Callum Wilson and Joe Willock, among others, all because he stood by Steve Bruce!

Short of Bruce becoming the face of JD Sports, or any other retail competitor to Ashley’s ‘High Street Empire’. You feel the only way the club parts company with Bruce is through prolonged periods in the relegation zone, which on current performances, we are already there. It certainly seems that the club needs to be failing before they decide to change it.

Under Ashley it seems that only a threat to Premier League survival will force him to oust the manager, and look for a replacement. But that could come too late.

Carl Richardson