So, this week, to nobody’s surprise NUFC released a green & white third kit. I say to nobody’s surprise as this kit was “leaked” several month’s back with no denial from the club. If anybody thinks this wasn’t done deliberately to test the water, I’d quite frankly be shocked.

Also, if anybody thinks it was a coincidence that the shirt resembles the Saudi national kit, I literally don’t know what to say to you. As per, we got every spectrum of reaction; from social media outrage- the best kind!

Words along the lines of “It’s just colours on a shirt” and also shoulder shrugging indifference.

Now, imagine, several years back, a United third kit lands. It is in the fetching colours of Sports Direct red & blue and strongly resembled leisure wear sold within their shops. Standard radio silence follows as is the norm from the previous owner- I don’t like saying his name.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say at the very least questions would be asked. I don’t think it’s a further stretch to say that the fans would be angry. This would obviously be shaped/coloured by the disenchantment with the previous regime.

This week though I think the reaction has been relatively conservative. I’ve seen some questions on it from the fan-base and the issue has been raised by multiple journalists – as is their job-often to defensive reactions.

The crux of the matter I’d say is this: Just because things are going well football wise and we have made a few signings doesn’t mean we switch off from everything else.

The main PIF representative on our board is Yasir Al-Rumayyan and apart from a written statement that landed when the takeover first went through, we have yet to hear more from him. Yes, we’ve heard plenty from Amanda Staveley and this is not a criticism.

But the facts are she only owns 10% of the club and she had to borrow the money from Mike Ashley for her stake. In my opinion if you fast forward five years she will no longer be involved with the club. She initiated the journey we are on, but in terms of the bigger picture I believe at some point there will be a handover of shares from PCP.

The money and the power lies with PIF and Al-Rumayyan and I believe we should be hearing more from him. Not weekly updates or inviting the fans into the boardroom obviously, but what the overall message/strategy for the club is. What the motivation was behind the green & white third kit was.

It may well be as simple as “flogging the shirts in Saudi” but whilst PIF remain silent all that festers is wider criticism and speculation, which may well be glossed over if the team do the business. But should things falter on the pitch then potential problems loom.

We should be asking those questions of PIF now, not having our attention diverted onto the football because we’ve signed three players. Our majority owners need to speak-up. It won’t put a stop to the criticism, it may even increase it, but the longer they stay silent the bigger the elephant in the room becomes.

Several years ago, now, George Caulkin and Simon Bird to much acclaim/credit bought shares in Sports Direct so they could attend the Sports Direct AGM and ask our previous owner questions about Newcastle United. It was the only way they could speak to him.

Dan Roan, a much-respected BBC journalist approached Al-Rumayyan at a Saudi LIV golf event earlier this month to ask about sports washing, it was the only way he could speak to him and yet most of the reaction I read was fan criticism of a legitimate question, from a legitimate journalist albeit using a slightly unusual approach/method- much like Bird and Caulkin.

This will continue on until our majority owners speak.

There was plenty of criticism of the previous regime about communication on key decisions which wasn’t forthcoming, for me plastering Saudi colours on a Newcastle United shirt is a decision that merits explanation.

Matty Rogers