Newcastle United seems to be the name on many people’s lips right now, and not necessarily just magpies either. I have felt for some time now that both a large majority of the written press, and mainstream media have had a bit of an agenda against our beloved club. Some of you may disagree with that, and think I’m being paranoid, but I have my reasons for being suspicious that this theory is fact, and I’m not alone.

For a long time now, and certainly during the disastrous (to quote Alan Shearer) reign of the parasitic previous owner Mike Ashley, a man consistently deemed “A great businessman” yet never a shit owner by the media, us Geordies, and magpies of all shapes and sizes have been described with a multitude of patronising, and denigrating rhetoric from media hacks, many whom get a nosebleed if they go any further North than the Watford Gap, and average ex players turned pundits, who seemingly think they know what we, the Newcastle United fan base think, and want from both our football club, and those who run it. For the record, they’re often wrong, on many occasions.

Numerous shithouses piling in with their comments over the last 2 years in particular, lambasting us for not getting behind a manager who had only won 7 in 39 games, yet almost simultaneously describing the likes of Nuno Espírito Santo as “Never good enough” for Spurs, despite having double the win ratio of our then manager & media darling Steve “Brucey” Bruce. Their complete inability to remain professional & judge managers on their actual performance in their jobs, over how good they may have been to them as their ex manager or teammate, is truly stomach churning.

If you thought this was all going to disappear following the takeover, you were wrong. In fact, if anything, the levels of criticism, and at times downright offensive language towards our new owners have increased exponentially over the last 5 weeks. I’m not even talking about PIF, or Saudi Arabia’s human rights record, which will always be a question our manager and owners need to answer on a regular basis, whether people agree with that or not, I understand it, and understand why it will continue to be asked.

Where I have an issue, and where I feel like there’s agendas towards the club & the key people behind it, is when you see and hear the likes of TalkSport, and in Simon Jordan in particular, consistently attacking Amanda Staveley’s credibility, her character, her competence, it reeks of a man with an axe to grind with her, and possibly it’s nothing to do with Newcastle United, maybe it’s a business deal gone wrong from years prior, or maybe he’s just a misogynistic prick? Either way he pulls the club and it’s supporters into his attacks on Amanda, and I think it’s petty, and is personal towards her. She mustn’t be half bad Simon? After all she played an Integral part in both takeovers of Manchester City and now Newcastle. Credit where it’s due perhaps?

I could go on about Talksport and their conveyor belt of morons who just don’t understand anything about our club, and never will, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll move on to some of the written press, and in particular the arrogant, ignorant, and quintessentially “Southern” based journalists, in the shape of Oliver Holt, and Martin Samuel. Here we have two guys who are completely uneducated in their understanding of the North East of England, and the loyal supporters who reside within it, not to mention all of the other members of the Toon Army around the world, and their unparalleled love for this club. Luke Edwards gets a lot of grief on Newcastle Twitter, but at least he gets that, unlike these two.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they still think we work down the pits or shipyards, and still pay for things with shillings? Of course I’m not criticising people from down South, on the whole, I have many good friends down there, but these are the type of sycophantic cheese board having, middle class wankers that turn their noses up at working class folk, whose football club is their life, and that’s something I can’t agree with. Oliver Holt, of course has stuck his boot in around his levels of disgust that Newcastle United have accepted Saudi Arabian wealth, despite him waxing lyrically about attending the Anthony Joshua fight over there not too long ago, and Martin Samuel has decided to even make another team’s new managerial appointment about us.

New media darling Steven Gerrard took over at Aston Villa following Dean Smith’s sacking, another manager the mainstream media deemed not good enough, despite having a better win ratio than Brucey too, and in a weird twist, Samuel decided to turn Villa’s ambition into Newcastle’s failings? By suggesting our new owners missed a trick by not appointing the former Rangers boss at the helm, Samuel goes on to say Newcastle will be “Kicking themselves” that they weren’t “Bold enough” to move for Gerrard. Does anyone actually have any tangible evidence that our owners were even interested in Gerrard? Martin sure doesn’t!

He then continues on to attempt to belittle Eddie Howe, and insinuate that the United fan base are “Underwhelmed” by the appointment. He’s clearly not listened to any of the True faith podcasts has he? I’d suggest it for future research Martin, you sound like you may need it. I seem to remember Manchester City going through a similar period of belittling from the media, and by many of the same people too, when they began their transformation from United’s whipping boys in to one of the best teams around today, and along the way the critics like Holt, Samuel, and the rest pulling their journalistic handbrakes and screeching to 180’s on City, searching for superlatives to describe how great they were, despite where the money came from to get them there.

I’d only imagine something similar will happen with us eventually, but in the meantime we’ll be treated to even more petty, vile, and at times down right childish antics from the nation’s press, a prime example of this is the Daily Mail’s insistence of publishing an image of Amanda Staveley next to the cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz, all because some bored sad tit had sent it to them, claiming of a similarity. I mean really? How old is their editor? 8! Actually that’s insulting to 8 year olds, I’ve got one, and she wouldn’t behave in such a manner. The words bad taste don’t do enough justice for such a pointless, unfunny, and offensive piece of Journalism. They should issue an apology to Amanda for that poor judgement in my humble opinion.

There’s often the thought that mainstream media, both written and others poke at Newcastle, both as a club and a region, just to get a rise out of us perhaps? After all we are a passionate bunch, but this seems to be becoming so blatantly obvious, that it’s almost like Newcastle United is living in their heads rent free. It’s no wonder so many supporters turn to the likes of fan led media outlets, and written fanzines like ourselves these days for a balanced, sensible, and well researched viewpoint on Newcastle United, we thank you for that, and stick with us for much more, as this exciting new era begins with Eddie Howe’s first game against Brentford, we’ll have it all covered here at True Faith, no need to give those with an agenda any of your precious time, they aren’t worth it.

So let the haters hate, and Howay the lads!

Chris Currie – @wig82