The Magpie Group have announced a pre-match protest to take place outside what was once the Newcastle United club shop and what is now another Sports Direct outlet. This is a well-timed change of protest venue given the Sports Direct AGM passed this week in bizarre circumstances with shareholders unable to ask questions about the running of that business. Some supporters have bought shares in the company and wanted to ask questions about how Sports Direct operates in relation to Newcastle United’s merchandise sales.

There is good reason to suspect that what Ashley did to Rangers FC with regards to their merchandising could be replicated at Newcastle United. If you want to know more about what Ashley did with Rangers merchandise sales, click on the following link to hear Ibrox fans’ Craig Houston (Sons of Struth) and Mark Dingwall explain all of that. Just click here. 

We all hope to see a really big turnout on Saturday and to make it plain that this campaign is not going away until Ashley sells or Rafa is convinced the club is changing how it operates and signs an extended contract. I would suspect if neither of those two things happen, Newcastle United is in serious trouble.

Its over to Ashley but its also our responsibility to demonstrate our deep concern for the club in every way possible and one of those ways is to get on Strawberry Place this coming Saturday.

See you there.