My good friend @Clark5Nick has been writing the NUFC previews for more years than I’d care to remember, and he has more than regularly been ably assisted by Castle Farm Mag.

I’ve often fancied having a bash at a bit of sports journalism. After all, if “those who should but won’t be named” can make a living out of it, then how difficult can it be?

So, after a few Gosforth bevvies a couple of seasons ago, I threw my hat into the ring and let Nick know that I’d be up for a couple of previews. Just to test the water so to speak.

I’ve been an avid reader of TF for quite a few years now, although I really need to get round to subscribing to the magazine, as I keep forgetting! There are some incredible scribes who regularly and give up their free time, or take an hour or so from graft, to put their metaphorical pen to paper.

Everyone’s views are different, and that’s what makes the articles so interesting. If we all thought Shelvey was shite (oh, hang on a minute) or that the prospective KSA takeover was in the best interests of every NUFC supporter, then life would be boring eh? It’s the differences in opinion, the individual views on our shared love that makes both writing and chatting about the club so interesting. It keeps us engaged. Hearty banter about who gets the LWB spot next week, or about Bruce’s tactical genius keeps us sane in this world we live in.

Contrary to certain opinions on Twitter, there are no egos within TF. Everyone has their say, and whilst not all of us agree with each other’s opinions we share a common love for Newcastle United. Now it doesn’t take an intellectual to realise that Tubby Johnson and the baron of bacon are both unpopular and basically driving our club into the ground, but it’s brilliant to read alternative writers’ thoughts on how we, as a fanbase, can influence the club, even in a tiny way.

Anyway, I digress. So, as a lifelong Newcastle fan, I’ve held a ST since 1992, so this is effectively my 30th season as a regular match goer. We’ve seen some relative highs, with 2 cup finals, some unreal nights at SJP and abroad, and we were that midge’s arse away from the title. All a lifetime ago. I’m vocal at the match. I share my opinion with those around me. And why not? I pay my money; I’m entitled to my opinion, right? So Nick agreed to share the burden, and last season we rotated the previews, and I added a few additional pieces when I felt creative.

I’d imagine that writing about NUFC was so much easier under the management of KK in the mid-90s. Games to look forward to; how many would be smashed past Leeds on a wet Wednesday night? We’d have been chomping at the bit to throw our opinion around on Sir Les, Gillespie, Beresford et al right?

It has to be said, last season was a real test of our creative metal. When writing previews, it’s bloody tough to come up with new ways of saying that Bruce is a twat and has no technical ability. How many times can you say that Shelvey is a waste of a shirt? I will readily admit that both Nick and Castle Farm Mag (He loves his anonymity in a kind of Kaiser Soze way) are far more advanced and creative than I am. To give you an NUFC analogy, they are Saint-Max and I’m Matty Longstaff. Maybe I need more opportunities to hone my creative skills?

Most of all, I enjoy writing about my thoughts on NUFC. I love being part of the True Faith contributors’ group. I don’t know them all. I’ve met a few on a night out a couple of months ago. We differ in age, we differ in opinion, but we share a common love – that love is Newcastle United.

Do the readers give a monkey’s about the odd typo or grammatical error – Of course they don’t. Do they love reading about opinions on our club, with some tongue in cheek humour? I hope so.

I’d advise anyone who fancies giving this writing lark a bash to just go for it. It’s fun, I promise you won’t regret it.

@peekeekay – Paul Karter