At the outset of this piece we have to say that this isn’t exclusively our work and the credit should go to supporters via social media who have dug this up and presented it to fans more widely. We thought we’d do a bit more digging to hopefully build on the work of fellow supporters, provide  a more permanent record and create a further reach for those supporters who do not use / avoid social media etc. Apologies to those who have put this in the public domain via social media – let us know who you are and we’ll credit you here. 

First thing to say here is that we aren’t suggesting there is a secret conspiracy amongst pundits and ex-professionals orchestrated by a PR agency. That would be far fetched. And looking at the names involved I don’t think many have the  natural intelligence to play a full part in a complex conspiracy, let’s be honest. Though they could be manipulated easily enough if there was a £ in it for them I suppose.

Where’s the passion? By Richard Watson

However, rather like the bizarre position Rio Ferdinand took on Rafa, money for transfers and Mike Ashley being not totally divorced (ahem) from his FIVE clothing line (and the deal with Sports Direct) and hilariously highlighted by Jake Humphries for BT Sports, there may be a connection here that works in Steve Bruce’s favour in terms of the doughty defences he receives from the pundit class. There is a view MNS2.COM may be wittingly or otherwise pulling quite a few chains to gild their talent (cough). Or it all could be a complete co-incidence. Insert raised eye-brows emjoi here. 

However, it is worthy of mention that many of those who have been energetic in standing up for beleaguered Newcastle United Head Coach, Steve Bruce in recent months are also signed up to the same PR agency as … Steve Bruce.

That PR agency is MN2S – click here (it could do with an update as a good few of their turns have moved to the great after dinner speech in the sky – and that photo isn’t Steve Howey is it?

Their UK office is at The Ministry, 79-81 Borough Road, London, SE1 1DN Telephone: +44 207 378 7321

Most prominent (from a Friends of Steve Bruce perspective) of those signed up to MNS2.COM along with Steve Bruce are: 

Chris Sutton 

Robbie Savage

Carlton Cole

Ally McCoist

Danny Mills 

Steve Macmanaman

Ian Holloway 

Jason Cundy 

Jamie Carragher 

Graeme Souness 

Dennis fucking Wise 

Chris Waddle 

You will not need to take a 6-week training programme with the CIA to have worked out that the top four on the list above have in recent weeks parroted nonsensical, ill-informed rubbish about Newcastle United and led the charge with the “Steve Bruce is doing a great job” baloney. 

Now, whilst there may not be a conscious conspiracy of any sort, we can say there may well be a certain espirit de corp between those with the same promoter who they all depend on for work and subsequent coin. Anyone with the vaguest experience of dealing with ex-professionals will confirm how hungry they are for the green. 

The next time you hear any of this lot opining on matters Newcastle United remember – they earn no money via Newcastle United – but they do via as does Steve Bruce as part of their talent stable – and it is to their pockets where their loyalties lie. Upset the suits at MNS2.COM and the money for old rope gigs on TV and radio might dry up, maybe? 

In the interests of balance we should point out that Kevin Keegan and Rafa Benitez are on the rosta too – but neither have commented directly on Steve Bruce’s performance as Head Coach at Newcastle United.