We are delighted to recommend to you for your laughing pleasure a night with Gavin Webster and Lee Kyle at the footballshow1STAND Comedy Club at High Bridge in the fair and noble city of Newcastle Upon Tyne on the night of Tuesday 20/Dec/2016.

The night will raise some funds for GALLOWGATE FLAGS  and it is also doubling up as the true faith Christmas night out but please don’t let that put you off.

Anyone who has caught Gavin before will know there will be titters, chortles and guffaws aplenty throughout the proceedings. Both Gavin and Lee are card carrying members of the Black & White tribe so we’re all amongst friends in one of Newcastle’s best venues.

The tickets are a laughably reasonable £4 a throw at the most so its not like anyone is pulling your eyes out is it?

Also on the bill is none other than our early 90s defensive enforcer and all round massive bloke and canny lad, the one and only Brian Killer Kilcline.

There are turns from Justin Robson, Dave Greener and Gary Robson.

You are invited to drink beer and generally have a great time.

Hope to see a load of you there.