As per previous communiques regarding the development of The Corner and Gallowgate Lower tier as a home for like-minded souls to gather and give Rafa and the team some vocal support we are delighted to reveal that the GALLOWGATE FLAGS group now have a website of their own to publicise activities from those parts of the ground.

You can visit the GALLOWGATE FLAGS website by clicking here

GALLOWGATE FLAGS also have a twitter account and you can get at it here

A number of flags are already available for the GALLOWGATE FLAGS group and there is no doubt the group and its GallowgateFlagsgoals have captured the imagination of supporters.

Volunteers intend to support the display of flags at home games and this is likely to be ahead of kick-off in particular. As I understand it, a member from GALLOWGATE FLAGS has approached Newcastle United with the aim of discussing what can and can’t be done.

It is vital to have a positive relationship with the club and every effort is being made to develop that dialogue so that something really positive can happen going forward for the benefit of Rafa and the players as well as improve the atmosphere at St James’ Park.

However in order to fund its activities i.e. the purchase of a variety of new flags etc the volunteers will need some money to get the ball rolling.

The lad looking after the monies is Alex Hurst. Apart from being a committed Mag, writer for true faith and the Podfather of the TF Podcast, Alex is also the Chief Executive of long-established and highly respected Blyth-based coach and taxi company, PHOENIX. He is a lad that can be trusted and relied upon.

As such, you can be confident the monies you donate to GALLOWGATE FLAGS will be correctly used for the purposes intended. Details of funding received and how it is used will regularly be made available to readers and will be completely transparent.

You do not have to be a ticket-holder in The Corner or the Gallowgate Lower tier or indeed even the Gallowgate End to be part of GALLOWGATE FLAGS and support its activities. Indeed you don’t have to even be a match-attender at all so the door is open for ex-pats, fans overseas and anyone who can’t get to games for any reason to donate to the group and its activities.

Over time I hope GALLOWGATE FLAGS can develop the capability to put on some great displays and rival the best there is out there in terms of spectacle but they can only do that with the commitment of volunteers, the support and flexibility of Newcastle United as well as the moral and financial support of fellow supporters.

We will have further information soon about how supporters can donate.