As those who follow this site regularly as well as NUFC.COM will be aware efforts are being made to combine the added singing there will be from The Corner and Gallowgate lower tier in particular with displays of flags as part of a concerted effort to support Rafa and the team get back into the Premier League next season.

We know there are a number of flags already out there that rarely see the light of day. So, if you have a flag lying unloved in some shed, garage etc and think it would look good displayed in someway in The Corner or the Gallowgate lower tier and would like to donate it to GALLOWGATE FLAGS next season then please get in touch and tell us about your flag – a photo with some details about its size and condition would be really useful.

Its hoped new flags will be commissioned but it seems silly not to make use of what we already have as well.

The Gallowgate Flags group is after volunteers to support flag displays on match-days so if you are in The Corner or Gallowgate lower tier in particular and would like to help out, please drop us a line on editor@ and  we’ll ensure the organisers get your message.

You can follow GALLOWGATE FLAGS ON @gallowgateflags