Its little more than a couple of weeks since we pulled down the curtain on another season of gut-wrenching disappointment but our man, young Mr Harrison, has been strong-armed into fulfilling the debut talking head duties as we kick off what we hope will be the first in a series of true faith : VIDEO BLOGS.

In this VIDEO BLOG Gareth reviews the season, talks about the major issues of the day and looks ahead to our less than exciting future.

Obviously we want to involve you lot in everything we do so if you agree or disagree with Gareth’s patter then, please let us have your opinions in the comments just under this piece.

Over a period of time, we are hoping to have our regular writers featured in the true faith : VIDEO BLOG commenting upon what is going down at United and its a theme we would like to develop going forward.

What we’ll likely do ahead of the filming of any VIDEO BLOG is invite you to zap in your questions and we’ll try and give our opinions to provoke debate.

Obviously, we promise that Gareth will occasionally wear shirts that don’t like the table cover in my Granny’s scullery.

All the best.

With many thanks to Matt Flynn, the budding Stanley Kubrick of the true faith bunker.