If you are reading this I guess that is because you are a Newcastle United supporter. No prizes for guessing this is a Newcastle United fanzine that does a lot more in the modern age. 

We run the only hard-copy fanzine connected to the club which is going strong thanks to your support. We have a really popular Podcast presence with a regular team who offer superb content consistently and via patreon. Each match-day we zap out a copy of our Newsletter, The Special which is available on FREE subscription. 

And of course we also run this here website for match-previews, reports, blogs and anything else that seems to fit. 

Although we do have regular teams of people contributing to TF, it is in no way a closed shop. Anyone is welcome to contribute and for writers we only ask that your stuff works for readers and is original. 

Although we won’t publish anything that is racist, homophobic, sectarian or hateful we don’t have an editorial line you must follow. You might have guessed that several of those connected with TF don’t exactly regard Mike Ashley as a prince amongst men or that Steve Bruce is exactly a tactical genius, we would welcome, nay encourage anyone who thinks differently to get in touch and we’ll provide a platform for your opinions. 

This is your fanzine. It exists to provide a space for what is intended to be intelligent, informed and entertaining debate about Newcastle United amongst supporters – the people who pay to watch and hold the club in their hearts. The fanzine is obviously shamelessly partisan but I guess you worked that out already. 

This is an open invitation to get involved with TF – to become a writer for us be that in the fanzine, The Special or on this website as a match reporter or a blogger. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never missed a home game for 50 years or have followed the club for 5 minutes. We are interested in your opinion and what you have to say. It doesn’t matter if we agree with what you write, just so long as its well-written and makes a point. 

You might just want write a particular article on a subject that interests you – or you might want to cover a topic suggested by the TF editorial team. You might want to become one of our regular writers or just do a one-off. 

Whatever works for you, works for us. 

Get in touch on podcast@true-faith.co.uk