Back again with another round of quick fire questions to get you ready for the game on Saturday. Answers as always will be in The Special. Subscribe and get a load of great pre-game reading, or even for during the game given the quality of the football, for free.

  1. Southampton were relegated in 2005, having moved from the Dell in 2001 to the St Mary’s Stadium. Why is the stadium called this?


  1. Marian Pahars scored a number of late goals in 98-99 to keep Southampton in the Premier League, but which country was he from?


  1. In 1984 as King Kev was taking his playing leave of us, Southampton were celebrating their best ever league finish which still stands today. What was it?


  1. In 1976 Southampton won their only ever domestic trophy with an 83rd minute goal to beat which team in the FA Cup final?


  1. How many games did Alan Shearer play for Southampton in the Premier League?




  1. Three members of the squad that earnt Newcastle promotion in 1993 went on to play for Southampton. Who were they?


  1. In 2014 two separate goalkeepers matched John Karelse and conceded four goals to the Saints. Who were they?


  1. On 16th January 2000 Newcastle scored four times in the first 31 minutes, eventually winning 5-0. Which two men played for Saints that day that have gone on to manage Premier League clubs?


  1. In 1969-70 Newcastle and Southampton met for the only time in which competition, Newcastle progressing on away goals.


  1. Who was the manager when Southampton won the 2010 Football League Trophy?


Answers in the match report following the Southampton game. 

Stephen Ord – @smord84