1. Which Keegan purchase had two spells at Leeds prior to signing with Newcastle United?


  1. What colour strips did Leeds United wear in their first ever season?


  1. How many European finals have Leeds contested?


  1. The 1992 Leeds championship team had four players in their squad linked to NUFC. Name them.



  1. The last team Leeds won at Newcastle (with fans present) was 2002, both scorers went on to play for Newcastle, who were they?


  1. What was embarrassing about the BT advert showing Kenny Dalglish allegedly ringing every Toon fan thanking them for their support that day when it first broadcast in October 97?


  1. In one competition, which both have entered every season since 1919, Newcastle have never lost to Leeds – which competition?


  1. Alan Shearer scored more goals against Leeds United than any other team, how many did he score against them in 21 appearances?


  1. Which 1997 Dad’s Army signing came from Leeds United?


  1. Good Friday 2017 saw Newcastle entertain Leeds looking to confirm their place back in the Premier League, which current Premier League player scored a 90th minute equalizer to deny the win?


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