Can you believe it has only been four weeks since the world of Newcastle United changed? Four weeks since the new bastions of hope rode into Tyneside, to give a much need lift to the fanbase. However the over-riding word that came from the new directors was ‘process’.

We knew that to repair the neglect over the past 14 years, it was going to take time to get the club back something that actually resembled a functioning football club. It was going to take a lot of patience on our part, and trust in the new owners and trust in the process.

But four weeks is not enough time to replace the mistrust completely. Moves were questioned early on. Why wasn’t Steve Bruce sacked sooner! And when he was, why wasn’t a new man brought in straight away? Why were the Steve’s still part of the coaching set-up that has since seen below par performances against Crystal Palace and Chelsea. It was very much a case of, new boardroom but same old Newcastle United.

Since ‘media darling’ Steve Bruce has been relieved of his duties, there has been a myriad of potential names linked with the Newcastle job. A job that in-light of the clubs poor league position would be seen as one of the biggest rebuild jobs in world football at the moment. It would need someone with a bit of fight, someone who could get the best from this team until new faces could be brought in in January.

Plenty of names were linked, most of which were out of a job. The question became, if they aren’t working why aren’t they being announced? But we were constantly told to be patient. The patience you felt was wearing thin among the fan base, poor performances continued, teams around us were picking up points, we were being cut adrift with Norwich at the bottom.

We needed someone in now, otherwise the general belief was one of, we would be down by Christmas. But could our patience be about to pay off?!

Reports on Tuesday from every North East Journalist was that Unai Emery was instilled as the favourite to take the role in the Newcastle dugout. The former Arsenal and current (at time of writing) Villarreal boss as reports would suggest is the man chosen by the board to take the club forward into its new era.

This is a current Champions League manager, a serial winner, young tactically forward coach. The biggest upgrade in football in recent memory. And he could be manager of Newcastle United. Not only is this a massive signal of intent from the new board, it shows that they are determined to get the right appointments, and not just the right now.

There is an argument to be had that why didn’t they move for Emery sooner? A fair an valid argument, but this would be the biggest managerial appointment, in terms of direction and vision the club have had in some time.

The club did play this smart, giving themselves some time to get the right man, by confirming Graeme Jones would be in charge until the Chelsea game. A statement that looks to be spot on so far. But recent performances seemed to have forced their hands to move sooner.

The approach the new owners have taken, has shown a well thought out, measured approach, to getting what they believe to be the best man in to take Newcastle forward. It also shows that when all parties are in agreement, they don’t hang about in making a decision.

Everyone’s favourite wordsmith George Caulkin confirmed on Tuesday morning that Emery was interviewed over the weekend following the defeat to Chelsea. That very same morning Emery was all over the media being linked as THE man chosen to take the reigns.

Other names have been signalled as being close to being appointed, yet there were no real leaks from the club. It was a measure radio silence from the new powers that be. Trust the process, and be patient were the overwhelming feelings coming from those that could get word from inside the halls of St James’.

Judging by the communication that we have already received from the club, it felt right that they were not saying anything, unless there was something to say. This is as it should be. Obviously news was ‘leaked’ to every North East Journalist from the club about Emery. Considering they are all singing from the same hymn sheet on this one, you feel a decision has been made, and one that the board believe to be the right one.

They as owners have seemingly ignored the noise coming from outside of the club, and carried on in a manner that they seem appropriate. They have carried on with class, not being dragged in to the continuous online rumours, they remained patient.

We as a fanbase are on the whole new to this level of due diligence done to make sure the decisions made are in the best interests of the club. The owners are new to being the major decision makers in a football environment. It has been a learning curve over the past few weeks. But it seems the new board are learning quickly, and our patience as fans is set to be rewarded.