Newcastle United have made a host of changes over the past five weeks. Gone is the previous owner and the negativity that he brought around the whole club. Gone is the previous manager, who despite being a good family man, was not that good at his actual job – something that seems to have been lost by a lot of the media. It appears that now most of the additional Steves have gone, so really only one person remains to bring up the old guard, Lee Charnley. Our very own Penfold has been around the club for a long time, appears to have been given the opportunity to carry on for an unspecified period of time and will now surely be coming towards the end of his time, I think there are a number of reasons that this should happen quickly.

The first thing to point out is that nobody has any idea whether Lee Charnley is capable of the job he is supposedly doing. He has not spoken to the press about very much of his role at all, treated the fans forum with contempt and saw no problem with carrying the can for his boss. His absence from the directors box does seem to have been the start of a good move and forward step. In terms of managerial appointments, it would be fair to say that under Ashley he made horrendous errors. His main two appointments were McClaren and Bruce, Benitez approached them amazingly, both of whom would not be hailed by supporters as a success. The day to day running of the club seems to have involved willful negligence, if this was the plan then maybe he has done the perfect job.

However, we are ready to move on and the idea that long term we want the same people making decisions who previously blindly accepted seventeenth and mediocrity is not going to stick.

So with that in mind, the main reason to get rid of Lee Charnley is to clear the decks. We do not want any reminders of the last fourteen years. At some point the red and blue signs that have ruined the look of our stadium for some time now will also disappear, Charnley is then that reminder.

Additionally, the new owners surely want someone who can take us from the small, poorly run staffing that we currently have to being a modern football operation. Manchester City made the decision to have Garry Cook continue as their executive as a bridge between the two regimes was very different. Here was someone with a proven record in working in branding and sports, managing the Michael Jordan branding for Nike. In football he oversaw the beginnings of the structure that now exists throughout the club at the Etihad, looking to bring together all departments so that it is easy to find solutions and all be on the same page. Though he left them under a cloud, his experience of building effective teams and administration was invaluable for the owners.

Newcastle have had four people and a tea pot running the club, if PCP, PIF and the Reuben brothers want to make Newcastle a force in English football, they need someone who can oversee all the business and bring them together. Lee Charnley does not have that on his CV, so his time there is up.

In terms of the last five weeks his invisibility has remained his greatest strength. Though he has represented the club at Premier League meetings and also was apparently involved in negotiations over contracts for prospective managers, though this was mentioned around the attempt to stop advertising linked to owners and the failure to complete the Emery deal.

In 2014 when Charnley stepped up to be managing director, he was working with Joe Kinnear as director of football. If Amanda Staveley and co think this is the man to attract a leading candidate to overhaul the football structure, then they are likely to be severely disappointed. After Kinnear was given the push, the three person football board that was used to make decisions did not last long, Benitez did a lot on his own. The fact that Eddie Howe has been appointed as head coach would seem to point towards this structure still being planned. An inspiring appointment with football knowledge is needed, is Lee Charnley really the person to make that decision?

Given the shoddy way the club has been run under his guidance then there can surely be no long term future for Charnley.

The danger with this is that we just kick the can down the road. When Manchester United sacked Jose Mourinho they were adamant that they wanted a director of football, yet Ed Woodward apparently couldn’t find the right person. So now three years later, the manager is still Ole Gunnar Solskjaer; there is no defined style of play; signings seem to conflict with each other, Ronaldo, Cavani and Sancho adding to a front line of Greenwood, Rashford and Martial, but still no top level holding midfielder. They have had some good seasons but have got nowhere near the force they could have been when Woodward took over. This is the danger with Charnley, leave him there as he is a mark of continuity and we end up with someone who knows how we used to do things, but does not appear to know how to make things better.

STEPHEN ORD    @smord84