We shouldn’t be surprised really. Its been like this for twelve long years. The communications from the top of Newcastle United continues to be absolutely appalling.

At this point in time we are into the last 24 days of Rafa Benitez’s contract at Newcastle United. Unsurprisingly clubs around Europe are keeping an eye on the situation, mindful that an elite coach may be becoming available.

It has been published by the local press that what Rafa has been offered by United isn’t a whole lot better than the arrangements he has now which few with an interest in seeing the club progress would say are anything like acceptable to the vast majority of the support or the manager.

It really isn’t good enough for the club to be apparently sleepwalking into an apparent catastrophe next season.

Then there is the takeover or not. The silence from the club is absolutely deafening but speaks volumes of the complete disregard Ashley and Charnley have for Newcastle United’s primary stakeholders, namely us lot in the stands, the rank and file support.

Private off-the-record, fact free, non-commital briefings from Charnley, Bishop and whoever else with Ashley away yet again on a supposed holiday at a critical time just is not good enough. It has never been good enough and remains so.

It was good to read the Newcastle United Supporters Trust call for United to provide a public statement on what is going on at the club but as ever it will be completely ignored such is the contempt there exists for supporters who remain emotionally and financially invested in the basket-case we have been under Ashley’s appalling stewardship of our club. We note also our level headed friends at NUFC.COM have today marked a week since the news first broke of a potential takeover and complete omerta from Barrack Road.

The time is overdue to let supporters know what the f**k is going on at our club!