Newcastle United . A one club City who’s fans are 24/7 . Sometimes we get obsessed and almost certainly we argue and our thirst for news of our beloved club is insatiable.

All of the above add that to the internet.

It’s a Molotov cocktail .

An incendiary device.

One part of the internet takes all this up a notch though , social media. My esteemed true faith writers have already done how Newcastle social media is poisonous . What I’m getting at here is what its like to follow United and in particular, the takeover, if you are not on social media, like me and have no intention of doing so,

The takeover was the first big Newcastle ‘thing’  to pan out over the social media platforms. In years gone by takeovers were at the behest of local newspapers and whichever side Thomson House had decided on. The Chronicle backing John Hall to the hilt in the early nineties a death knell for Gordon McKeag who didn’t really need a death knell as he was doing a good enough job himself. As I can remember it was all about rumours at the match and what so and so’s mate who’s a painter and decorator for Lady Mae had heard.

People who didn’t like what Hall had to offer were few and far between as he was well known and his proof of the pudding was standing entertaining the North East on the other side of the Tyne . Even when Ashley arrived it was all cut and dried pretty quick and his sports direct empire was good enough for a few fans to have a pint with a bloke who would go on to ruin a very good football club.

This time it was/is very different.

I mean I’m not on these platforms but I can see the worst of it  and I get sent snippets by mates and none mates alike. Plus if you even mutter a word in the vicinity of your phone these days you get weeks worth of news on that subject. I get it. What I don’t see and get is these people who are ITK. This for someone so black and white in life as well as football, sure is strange.

Lets get this straight . A 15 year old or indeed a middle aged bloke from the North east knows about the most protracted takeover since , well, ever, than the people involved!!!?

Lets get another thing straight , I’m a sceptic, id like to think I’m sane in that respect and I’m not tainted by two years worth of rubbish spouted by people who should no better on social media.

I don’t trust Staveley, I don’t trust the Saudi Arabian government , I don’t trust the premier league and I certainly don’t trust Ashley.

So what I tend to get is the Chronicle using the takeover snippets to sell a historic but ailing Newspaper and other local outlets trying their best to keep up. National media became obsessed as everyone else for a bit.

The S*n doing as much about us for a few days as they did about Hancock last week and the Mail getting exclusives as did the Athletic once it got going. The thing is all of these publications were pretty much guessing like the rest of the people on the internet.

Ashley has as much communication skills as North Korea and the Saudi consortium were hardly going to chat to the Shields gazette about a massive and complicated deal such as this. So, when the media (I include the addictive and simply annoying Sky Sports News in this) doesn’t really know what’s going on, the modern day thirst for answers ends at facebook , twitter or myspace

What do you mean it’s not going anymore?

For me personally that’s where it ends. Some people might well know something but I doubt it. I figure out that my  sheltered view maybe explains my position here. I believe it when I see it. My first knowledge of this takeover was after being seeing the S*n at the paper shop that morning , I first heard about the takeover collapsing on BBC sport I only have ever went on news that’s been confirmed

as I think I would go mad otherwise and this is not  understating it , but some of the stuff I’ve seen could send a person quite fragile about life at NUFC and in general down the ailing mental health route.

I sort of also realise pretty quickly who to believe in person as well. Early on in the piece I sort of worked out which person I knew was taking in  all the bullshit in off these people and people  who were giving me credible info like not when a plane had took off or not.

Again if you take your social media blinkers off do you realise how much of a dick you look?

I desperately want Newcastle to be sold and yes, I want it more than anything .

Simply put,  I want rid of the man I hate for what he’s made our football club become , and how he’s alienated good friends who would give anything and have done to this club. Strange then that after all the premier league stuff came out , suddenly the man I despised had become some sort of anti -hero on social media .

I have never felt as alienated as a Newcastle supporter as i did then. I felt out of it and I don’t still today understand who folks can see Ashley as anything else than a disgrace. I obviously haven’t been to a match in a while but the thought of people cheering Ashley at the game is inconceivable , why was he getting SUPPORT on social media, boy its desperation stakes folks.

This appears to be what we had become , the world had been turned upside down.

What I’m also out of is the fervent arguing from both sides on Twitter. What I gather and see is not what we are about as fans but I guess the scrap which inevitably happened between our fans in the Gallowgate or where ever now happens via social media and although I find it quite worrying I also find it highly amusing .

I don’t see anyone of this and I’m happy with that. Infighting and insufferable obsessive behaviour, I’ve got the Labour party for that thanks. The thing is quite a lot of supporters are not on these types of things and are quite happily going on in real life and not getting #cans ready.

My obsession is how bad Newcastle and its manager are. I understand if I want this to change, the only route is from a takeover but , really?

Even the last few days that statement seemed to send everyone into a frenzy again and for Ashley it was job done , disguising the fact he’s doing nothing again .

When you next go to the match again and you say something to the lad or the lass next to you and you get a glazed look back from them when you say we could sign M’bappe because Ashley’s helicopter left Hemel Hempstead, that’s us, the people who haven’t been tarred by the ITK brush.

This is my usual line “believe it when I see it mate”. It works a treat.

To be honest though I’m maybe just a luddite and it probably just is  folks having an opinion and something to cling on to in the most boring periods of our history. We all have to have something to go on I suppose.

Newcastle United. Never Dull.