It seems there’s rarely a moment of sanity surrounding Newcastle at the minute and the latest bout of madness has come in the form of an article suggesting that the PIF are already bored of their new play thing and are looking to drop it and pick up another one.

The PIF have been linked with interest in buying Inter Milan before, during the period when our takeover looked doomed, it was widely reported that the PIF would focus all of their attention on Inter instead. Thankfully, as we all know, the tenacity of Amanda Staveley and the Reubens along with our amazing fan base paid off and the takeover went through.

It seems, however, that those in Italy haven’t been paying attention. Reports were circulating yesterday that the PIF are disappointed in Newcastle and wish to go ahead with their purchase of Inter at our expense.

Imagine thinking that after 4 years of Staveley trying to buy the club and almost 2 years of that being with PIF’s backing, that after one month they’d be ready to throw it in the bin because the dream wasn’t instantly realised. Like, as if Staveley had made sure that for the entire time they were putting the deal together she went out of her way to make sure nobody at the PIF saw a Premier League table. It would be so laughable if it wasn’t so maddening.

The report also suggested that one of the reasons they are disappointed is the fact that we were unable to attract the likes of Unai Emery to the job and had to “settle” for Eddie Howe. We are talking about one of, if not the richest organisations in the world, do they honestly believe that they’ve never faced a setback or had to resort to Plan B at some point? Come on!

All that being said, the interest in buying Inter may well be real, despite their owner’s apparent reluctance to sell, but I don’t see how that would affect the deal at Newcastle. There would obviously be a hurdle of proving there was no issue with competition in terms of potentially having two clubs in European competition with the same owners, but Red Bull own Salzburg and Leipzig who could potentially meet in European competition, so there are definitely ways around it. It would likely be easier to prove separation between Newcastle and Inter than it was PIF to the Saudi State,

Of course, given that the article’s orgins were in Italy there’s a good chance it was a poor interpretation/translation, or merely just an article to generate clicks, in which case, bravo! Either way it will be interesting to see how/if this develops in the future.