Most Newcastle fans are thinking of how much the future is going to be.

I haven’t got my head around this yet. I’m not at the stage yet where I can comprehend us winning things and us being the richest club in the world.

I’m not even at the stage yet where I toil about the human rights issues. This is something I won’t ignore and I wont use the line of this is far bigger than a 42 year old man from Ashington. The last few days for me have been finally realising that Mike Ashley is gone for good. This is ALL I have thought about.

It’s the last thing I think about at night and when I wake up in the morning. This week has caught everyone on the hop. I thought this would never happen. In the first instance in April last year, I generally put it to one side and hoped it would happen without getting anywhere near involved in it.

I know some people’s lives were consumed by it to the point where Ashley became an ally. Not me. But on Wednesday afternoon it got reopened again. Even then I took it with a pinch of salt . This has happened so many times you pick up your phone and put it straight away again.

Then gradually from mid-afternoon onwards journalists who had as much of a sceptic attitude as me was saying that we had a green light and I felt weird on Wednesday night.

The only way I could describe it is when I was divorced from my first marriage . It was something that was for the best and something which I genuinely wanted, but that meant change  and the fear of what was coming next.

Newcastle’s divorce had come through.

Wednesday night was full of emotion. Cans? no, I wasn’t at that stage yet. Still thinking something could go wrong and yes, I admit it I was slightly falling into the trap of what media outlets wanted us to think. I had a dream on Wednesday night about us winning a football match ten nil and England beating Australia in the ashes, Viv Richards’ inclusion in the England team matters not.

My consciousness had decided on one thing that this was a good idea. If you can’t follow what your dreams are telling you, what can you believe? Thursday I looked at my phone when I woke up at 5am and expected the worst. The 100 messages on WhatsApp meant good or bad . It was still good amazingly , we were still on.

I still felt as though it would come crashing down though and psychologists will tell you a lot of the time doubters doubt because they want to be the first one who said I told you so. An element of that for me.

Nothing really happened through the day on Thursday but crucially no one was saying it wouldn’t go through and by the time the afternoon came through more and more outlets were saying it could be confirmed today.

I say outlets . This doesn’t mean social media or Sky for me. I don’t use either , so I was relying on other people sending me stuff from those outlets and again it still looked ON. I continued to go about my daily life visiting my Mam and Dad who were watching Sky Sports News. They watch that thing when a Watford special is on ,in between ‘homes under the hammer’ and ‘pointless’  so they had fingers on pulses.

It was at that point when it was announced …Newcastle United had been took over.

It was then all the last few days came out and you know what? I didn’t expect to feel like that. Emotion took over me and I was genuinely tearful.

Other fans’ clubs will take the piss here but this was not about anything other than getting Ashley out. This was like fighting a cause for nearly 15 years of my life and feeling like I had won. The battle was over .The man had gone.

People (again other clubs’ fans ) will scoff at this as some actually consider him to have ran the club well and compared to some owners who have sold grounds to property developers etc, but I hated him for what he reduced the club to.

Someone sent me the Keegan quote which includes “one day you will get your club back” I tried to read it out but couldn’t finish it . This was me at 530 on Thursday night. All of this not because we had become the most influential club in world football but because we were not being run by Mike James Wallace Ashley .

As I got home and carried on with normal life I went and indeed got hashtag cans .  I was at peace with everything that had went on in the previous few hours. I wasn’t about to jump on the X22 and go to St James’.

Too old for that and I wanted to have a few thoughts to myself as I sipped the first drink.

All the protests , all the singing, all the hate , all the abuse, all the boycotts, all the mistakes.  I thought about them all as I supped that Oranjeboom.

All the fans who have had a previous way of life taken away by Ashley who now probably wont get to see us in the good times. All the fans not around anymore who did that. All the youngsters who have known nothing else but failure, all the bad players, relegations, bad managers. A club done on the cheap.

Hypocrisy will stop me going on about the stadium name change as I think it will happen within two years will the new incumbents, but my mind cast back to the Peterborough game straight after it. A mass of hate that this man had reduced one of the most famous grounds and clubs in world football to a glorified advertising sign for his business.

The West Ham game when I got abused off the people I thought were fellow supporters as I had dared to do an 11 minute protest. That day I never thought he would leave as we didn’t have any fight left in us. I thought a lot about that day on Thursday night .

I thought about coming home in the sleet after a mind crushing defeat against Watford in the cup . I thought about Joe Kinnear, Pardew and McLaren.

I thought about the Arsenal game , pouring rain and supporters ignoring the boycott and packing out number 9 bar instead. I thought about the Labour club meetings, NUST, I thought about him giving the v sign after a lasagne . I thought about everything but oil money.

I almost got arrested at Nottingham Forest because of him. But the most criminal thing Ashley made me do at Newcastle was lose hope and settle for shittiness. The second most criminal thing he did to me was not enjoying going to watch us anymore and his ten year season ticket extension was the only thing keeping me there.

He had me by the balls. I couldn’t afford to go but I couldn’t afford not to.

The next few years are going to be interesting , we will never support the club in the same way again. Newcastle could be backed by ten Saudi investment groups and still balls it up , let that sink in, but surely even us couldn’t get relegated twice in the next decade. Let that sink in also, we were relegated twice and for a club who were always in the top twenty rich list anyway , that is criminal.

In a few weeks things will settle down and the new owners will get a strict test the Premier League couldn’t give, the acid test.

I will decide whether I like them or not . No amount of bull can do that. The proof is in the pudding. Newcastle fans , despite what the media think, can spot a chancer a mile off. It’s doing anything about it we have a problem with.

No drinking in Blu Bambu please, no getting pints in away ends , just let history decide. History , in my opinion , will see Mike Ashley as one of the worst owners/chairmen in Newcastle’s history.

He’s gone and I couldn’t be happier. We deserve this.