There is without question a feversish debate around Sunderland AFC and their likely fate this season. In previous blogs, true faith has attempted to help shed some light on the situation down the road. We have published several detailed blogs written by finance experts associated with this fanzine. The information contained within those blogs is only latterly getting through to some Sunderland fans whose initial response to them was abuse, threats of violence and some colourful personal abuse about the domestic lives of the person they mistakenly believed who had written the blogs. Those people were unable to distinguish between writing a blog and publishing one. We hope they are better informed now.

Anyway, for those of you who missed those blogs, we’ve decide to bring them again to your attention before our experts get hold of the latest set of Sunderland AFC accounts and helpfully outline the position for the benefit of all North East football supporters who share a deep concern at the fate of the once proud Wearside club.

Sunderland Finances – No Future – Click here – Published December 17

Short or Ashley – Who has been the worst – Click here – Published September 17

Sunderland Finances – Wearside Crisis – Click here – Published May 17

You may also be interested in typically erudite piece of writing from the Swiss Ramble on Sunderland’s financial death rattle

Swiss Ramble – All Cats Are Grey – Click here – Published May 16 (contains words such as Basket Case).

Swiss Ramble – Distant Sun – Click here – Published March 15 (contains words such as hefty operating losses).

Back to the current stage and we heartily recommend Michael Walker’s article in The Independent – Sunderland are a club in freefall and the situation could get even worse – click here – Published 23 February 2018.