A beaming smile, bags of energy & rapid pace! These are some of the qualities that endears Miggy Almiron to us NUFC fans, this happy go lucky Paraguayan has been held close to mags hearts ever since Rafa brought him in from the MLS. There were question marks for sure when it happened like, “Can he do it at Premier level?” And many others just said ” Miguel who?”

When he started in that first home match vs Huddersfield and hit the post (Imagine if that had went in eh?) we did see something raw in the lad that made us think that’s what Rafa must’ve seen in him & to convince the fat man to part with £20m for him (he could’ve bought another struggling high street brand for that!) and we stood by him ever since. Throughout the huge goal droughts and fluffed one on one’s and rejoiced when he found some form especially alongside big Ron & Perez as the 3 amigos.

Fast forward to today and I find myself asking “What does Miggy actually do?” Now before you get the pitchforks out and burn down my house, allow me to again reiterate that I love this player! I feel a huge sense of sympathy for him too, having gone from the sublime to the ridiculous in terms of management and perhaps that is hampering his game somewhat but as a professional footballer you adjust don’t you?. I’ve heard the phrase headless chicken recently used to describe him which albeit a tad harsh isn’t too far from the truth right now. He seems to run into blind alleys most games and offers very little end product.

It’s not like ASM where he’s predictably unpredictable which is what makes him exciting, it’s that he’s just a bit lost isn’t he? I mean we can’t blame him too much as playing for this manager will probably do that to a lot of players to be fair, but I don’t even know where he’s meant to be playing? Is he winger? Is he a no10? Is he a left sided forward in a front 3? I’d bet my Bacon Bruce doesn’t know either. As a team we can’t really afford to have too many players offering nothing can we? That gets you relegated as we all know.

So whilst I continue walking down this controversial path, I hate to say it but if someone was to give us a chunk of change for Miggy.. Maybe we should sell him? Imagine if that money was used to bring a player who is effective in his position? Like an Albrighton from Leicester or even getting Townsend back?

Yes I know both may be a struggle to get but there’s a lot of very effective players in interesting contractual situations where they can talk to clubs & if the club were thrifty enough they could replace a potentially outgoing Almiron with a player who maybe doesn’t run around as much (I mean who does unless he’s being chased by Wylie Coyote?) but would offer us a lot more end product and threat in the final third that we severely lack as a side.

Now I know we’re sentimental about this lad but would we rather see him smiling running about resulting in nothing or a player who maybe isn’t as loveable making that defence splitting pass or whipping that killer cross in for Wilson? It doesn’t taste nice saying these things about a much loved player but it’s certainly food for thought right?<