As we’re on international break, before resuming for yet another hiding by Manchester United, and their new number 7, Cristiano Ronaldo. I’ve been reflecting on where United is right now, as a club, and as a mindset. We reek of a club that just settles for what’s on offer. From the top, with our parasitic owner, who checked out of this wedding long ago, right down to even some of our fanbase right now. We just settle for shite, as we’ve been beaten down to believe we don’t deserve any better.

“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for. Settling can become a habit, a way of life, but it doesn’t have to be”

Maureen Dowd

I came across the quote above when thinking of what to say in this piece, and I felt this quote from Maureen Dowd, a best selling author and columnist, and although she was using it in a different context, I believe it perfectly sums up our relationship with Steve Bruce. The club, and many in the media just want our fanbase to “settle” for Steve Bruce, and accept the fact we won’t get anyone better. Well I’m sorry, but I’m not buying that.

Why should we? We’re Newcastle United! Are we any worse than the other teams in that bottom 8? Than Brighton? Or Burnley? Certainly not personnel wise! Are you honestly telling me that ASM, Wilson, and Willock wouldn’t waltz in their sides? And be the best player? The answer you’re looking for, is of course they would! So what’s different? The managers! That’s what. They’re well organized, clued up, and far more tactically savvy than the Baron of Bacon has ever been.

With all due respect to both of those clubs, and even the likes of Wolves, we are a bigger club than them. Even without investment under this rancid regime. We have a fantastic (albeit neglected) stadium, that we pretty much fill week in and week out, with the most loyal supporters the country has. We are still, I don’t care what anyone says, one of the biggest names in English football around the globe, thanks largely to Keegan, Shearer & Robson for everything that has passed. We could draw in a better manager than this broken down, tactically inept, clueless footballing relic that we have now. To quote the previous incumbent of the St James Park hot-seat, fact!

What has become tragically clear over recent times, is some of us have admitted defeat, that Mike Ashley is right, the best we can hope for is a manager like Steve Bruce. Why? What does Mike Ashley know about what we should accept or not? He’s been here 14 years and doesn’t know anything about us! Nor does he give a shit either.

We don’t have to go away and get a huge name, or a world class coach. We could do what Brighton have done, go and get a manager that’s new, fresh, clued up on tactics and the modern game. Go get a manager who can develop players, a manager who can work with the likes of the Longstaffs and Anderson and make them better players. Go and get a manager who plays people in their actual positions, imagine that? Wow!

We are still a big enough draw to get somebody like that, Ashley or no Ashley. If a younger progressive coach/manager came in, and was honest and said “We don’t have a huge budget, so we’ll work with what we have, and I’m going to bring in some of the u23’s in to the first team and freshen things up” we’d all take that right? That wouldn’t be “Going after Ashley” either. So that works for them, and for us, right?

I was sitting in the Gallowgate when the crowd turned on Bruce, and I hope that it continues. Not wishing any ill will on the man, but he’s not up for this job in any way. If he had money? He’d spend it badly. We all know he’s not got it, so what’s the other option? Bring in the youth. He’s sent two of the potential options for that in Matty Longstaff & Kel Watts out on loan. Why? What kind of management is that? It stinks of a man who can’t develop players, and wanted to get a couple that a better coach, like Brendan Rodgers, already has done. Lazy, stupid, and down right not good enough.

A rally cry to us all, don’t accept that this guy is the best out there, don’t think we don’t deserve better, or just someone who has a clue, an idea, any fucking ideas! Keep that pressure on Bruce, he’s not good enough, he’s failing us, the players, and the club. Keep voicing you displeasure, until he either walks, or even our disconnected owners realise he’s not fit for purpose.

It can be better, it wouldn’t be great, but without Bruce, it would be better. Newcastle United may once again have some kind of identity, because right now, and pretty much throughout Bruce’s reign, we don’t have one. Every other team in this league does, bar us. As I said, we shouldn’t settle for nothing, if we want to have something.


Chris Currie – @wig82