It was inevitable sooner or later that Steve Bruce would cast his masterful management spell again. West Bromwich Albion. Good luck.

I’m going to put to one side (clue: I’m not) the fact that for me personally he was one of the most unpopular managers in 30 plus years of watching Newcastle United.

I couldn’t stand him, the way he belittled the club, the way he spoke and the way he managed. I even hated the way he did that peculiar thing where he looked like he was puckering up on the touchline.

Safe to say I wasn’t alone in my dislike of the bloke.

In the intervening months (and it seems like years ago) that hasn’t mellowed much.

I see the wind of change blowing through the Toon and I see Bruce as the yardstick for how Ashley settled for the not good enough so very often.

Eddie Howe hasn’t done much better results wise but he’s been cut a lot of slack on the basis that he isn’t Bruce.

It’s a bit like on Peep Show when Mark and his friends and family used to secretly call a mistake or a balls up “a jezzing”. Newcastle were ‘Bruced’ to coin a phrase.

But it’s time to let go and the best way to get over a bad relationship is not to get worked up when you see said person with a new beau. Silence is golden. Revel in it in fact.

West Bromwich Albion fans will have got the message by now. Silence hasn’t been golden from the thousands of messages from Newcastle fans young and old.

We’ve been quick to send the “how’s the bacon?” video and the mock up of him on the Motability scooter. Which I don’t condone. At all.

Is it time we just let it go or is this just us at our best? I love it when our support gets vindictive like that. Some of our best moments as a fan-base in the last 15 years (the bar is so, so low admittedly) has been letting Michael Owen get it.

Our feelings on Stephen Roger Bruce are unanimous. the good people at true faith searched high and low for someone to balance the criticism with a bit of pro- Bruce stuff.

Martha and the Vandellas did the song ‘Needle In A Haystack’ for this particular moment. Rare as hen’s teeth.

But he’s gone and he’s not coming back. The days of us appointing jaw dropping managers like Kinnear and Bruce are hopefully consigned to the same skip as those sports direct signs, so we might as well just let him get on with it.

The top and bottom of it is, if you cut away the crap, for any side wanting to get out the second tier he’s probably a good appointment but whisper it ok?

He obviously doesn’t care about being loved. All that woe is me stuff that came out after he left NE1 belied the fact that he took jobs on which meant he’s kidded himself he could cope with being unpopular.

Ex Sunderland manager goes to Newcastle, ex Birmingham to Villa, ex United to Wednesday. His career path makes Mo Johnstone look unremarkable.

So for him to get the job at a place just over 4.5 miles from Birmingham city centre is no surprise. He’s got form.

The early indications are that the West Bromwich fans really are that desperate to get promoted the standards have dropped.

In an article in the Birmingham mail supporters were pushing for Allardyce’s return, a Neil Warnock or a Tony Mowbray or even a return for Gary Megson.

Slaven Bilic looked a favourite as well but if you take him out the clientele list is very English, very old school, that much so that you expect Mark Hughes or Tony Pulis to be on it.

So going on that list the appointment of Bruce probably doesn’t look so bad. I mean Megson? When did he last have a job?

Obviously you cant take this on line poll as Albion fans as a whole, just like you wouldn’t when the Chronicle runs a poll and some people vote for Guardiola. We all have our cranks and they usually get in touch with the local paper.

Valerien Ismael was a bold move and it hasn’t worked. Relegated last year Albion could easily have took the conservative option but went for a young manager who came from nowhere with Barnsley last year with his own style . Unfortunately that style is more John Beck than you would think a French manager would be.

Last year at Barnsley it worked and the flurry of wins covered over the fact that it was terrible to watch. Albion are a bigger club and ten games in the murmurs of the fans were already there and after a winter spell that has saw them even threaten to not make the play offs, no supporter shed any tears when he was shown the door this week.

Talk was of ex Albion player Enzo Maresca joining from Parma but they did the leftfield appointment in the summer, now it couldn’t be any more conservative if it had a blue bow on and went to Eton.

Out of the list that has been mentioned even I would have to admit that Bruce isn’t a disastrous appointment .

All of his mates in the media will now be number crunching Bruce’s Championship win rate and I couldn’t care less but his record at promotions is decent with Birmingham twice and Hull twice but his recent sojourn Albion’s big rivals  Villa ended with a vegetable being chucked at him, there is a key there that it didn’t go quite as planned.

I haven’t the stomach to laud the bloke, listen to talk sport if you want that , but Bruce may well have Albion back in the premier league next year and then we really can go to town on the bloke if WE stay up.

Though it has been pointed out by his media luvvies that knowing us we will go in different directions.

Spare a thought for Andy Carroll who will now be reunited with the man who released him but that will go swimmingly as Bruce is such a great man manager. Cough.

Again though the parachute payments mean Bruce inherits a premier league squad that just needs a tinkering with to get it right.

They signed a striker for £7m in the transfer window and again this is Bruce getting a job at the right time. He’s got a knack to that hasn’t he?

Talk of his son joining in him in the dug-out is also interesting. Alex didn’t hold back in his criticism of fans and a certain north east based journalist so now surely even him will shut up and let it go.

This might finally be the closure that I need. The nightmare can finally subside where Howe takes off his mask and unveils Bruce underneath, scooby doo style. You’ve all had that one haven’t you?

Good luck Steve with your new job. I really, really mean that.