“I’ve waited my whole life for an opportunity like this. Certainly being from here, I regard it, in management anyway, as the pinnacle”.

Steve Bruce previously refused two separate offers to manage Newcastle United going back to the days of Freddie Shepherd as Chairman. .

This is what he said in 2009 on his appointment as Sunderland manager:

“Managing Newcastle has never been my dream. This opportunity at Sunderland has everything I want – the infrastructure, the fan-base, an ambitious chairman and an ambitious new owner. I don’t need anything else – I have everything here. Everything you look for as a manager is here at Sunderland.”  

Is Steve Bruce lying or is he just opening his mouth and letting the wind blow his tongue around, thinking he’s saying stuff that people want to hear?

“I might not have another one (manager’s job) and I will try my utmost under difficult circumstances.”

 “I chose this profession and how lucky have I been? I’ve been involved as a player for 20 years and a manager for 20 years. I’ve done nearly 1000 games (as a manager) 500 of them in the Premier League and results are the key to it.

His playing career is irrelevant. He achieved far more as a player than Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger and Rafa Benitez. But it is completely irrelevant what he did or didn’t do at Man Utd. Its ancient history.

He has achieved very little in management over 20 years and there is nothing in his career to suggest he can achieve anything at Newcastle United and his ineptitude is leading the club down the table and into a relegation fight that has been in the post since the days he was appointed. He is a Steve McClaren-like catastrophe. This comes as no surprise. It is staggering how he has continued to get jobs and such an easy ride from the old boys pundit class.

“I can take it. You have to take it and not get too low when things are tough. I’ve got to keep myself positive. If I am lower than a snake’s belly, how can I expect a positive reaction from the players too?”

Bruce sets a new low in the negativity he transmits about the club and the players. His teams play with fear. He has previously reacted very badly to the mildest of criticism (remember the spat with Craig Hope (The Mail) who was subsequently banned by the club and his big baby huff with Lee Ryder (The Chronicle). What kind of message did that send to players?

“So, I will never, ever give up. I made a career out of being bang average as a player,  I worked hard and got the best out of myself”.

False modesty. Sir Alex Ferguson saw enough to have him as his captain at Man Utd and he won just about every honour in the game. It is of course completely irrelevant to what he’s doing as Head Coach at Newcastle United in 2021.

“The same is true in management, I might not be blessed with this, that and the other, but I will always roll my sleeves up and get on with it”.

What on earth does he mean by this? He doesn’t do tactics? He doesn’t study sports science and performance data? He can’t change anything during the games? His game management is abysmal? If he can’t do any of that, what is he doing here at a prominent Premier League club? This isn’t a Sunday morning outfit though at times you could be forgiven for making the mistake that it is.

Every piece of information coming out of Darsley Park suggests it is a Holiday Camp. As has been said previously, Danny Rose noted alarmingly that compared to the regime under Pochettino at Spurs, Newcastle United was a very relaxed regime.

The “rolling sleeves” up stuff needs a reset – he’s been using the same patter at every club he’s been at just before he is shown the door.