So we’re fresh off the back of yet another miserable pointless NUFC display, with minimum effort, little confidence & pretty much zero point of bothering to even describe the performance. Performance? If you can even call it that! As the TF team pointed out in the recent podcast we’ve gone from a team that give everything they can despite their clear lack of ability to a team that doesn’t press, doesn’t pass the ball forward, doesn’t make space, doesn’t make positive forward runs & a team who depend on their goalkeeper week after week to pull off saves of the season to even have a chance of getting anything.

This is as depressing as it gets being a NUFC fan isn’t it? I mean in the past we’ve felt we could at least try in games but now? Does anyone think we’ll actually put in anywhere close to even a 7/10 performance in games? So who is to blame? The players are on the pitch so we have to lay some blame at their feet, but the majority of blame has to be apportioned to one man… Steve Bruce!

I think our much opinionated fan base have finally agreed on something. Bruce is done at NUFC in the eyes of most! Yet the board probably don’t agree. We all know the deluded so called “Pundits” in the media don’t! I mean pundits? Really?

How can these people call themselves “experts” when they are consistently defending good old “Brucey” for “Steadying the ship”? He’s mounted the bank at the fish Quay & put the twat on its side man! I even heard that brilliant former  PL striker who played for Blackburn (no not the class one the other one) say Bruce has improved players? ‘Who?’ I hear you ask. Supposedly Almiron, Dubravka!  Well Bruce has fallen out with Almiron, Dubravka is injured & Wilson lives on scraps with hardly any chances created! How’s that improvement?

Now it doesn’t surprise me that these ex players like Sutton, Savage & even the good pundits (like Neville) have one thing in common, they are measuring Bruce the man not Bruce the manager. Whether it was at Norwich or Man Utd, if Steve Bruce happened to have been a previous manager of yours who let you have a half day on Friday to pick up the kids or play golf, the idea of punditry is tied to impartiality! It wouldn’t hurt to actually look at the stats either would it?


Under Steve Bruce we are bottom of the table for possession. Bottom for attempts at goal. Surely this is indefensible. Steve Bruce may have been a lovely bloke  when pundits were a YTS cleaning boots but pundits are paid very well to carry out expert analysis of games.   Pundits need to actually start doing their jobs. Bruce is bombing as NUFC manager! As a matter of fact he’s got the lowest win ratio of any PL manager I believe (who has managed over 300 games).

As we sit right now 15th in the table we are sliding back to a more familiar position of fighting relegation.  If recent performances are anything to go by we could be in for a return to Steve McClaren, where Ashley leaves it so late to make that change we are too far adrift to prevent the ship Bruce has supposedly steadied from sinking. I watched newly promoted Leeds play with a freedom we can only dream of yesterday against a team we’d have already conceded defeat to in the tunnel. The difference? A brave tactically astute manager in the dugout that’s what!  It is depressing.

Alex and the guys have all said it. Bruce is extremely lucky that this pandemic has prevented fans from being in the stadium. If fans had been inside grounds he’d have been out of a job by now and I’d probably not be writing this article. Sadly whilst we can’t add that pressure vocally from the stands we have to rely on the people in the media to shine the spotlight and ask those difficult questions of Bruce & his coaching team which they are currently failing spectacularly at. The ever-growing members of the FOSB (Friends of Steve Bruce) need to stop measuring Bruce as a good man & look at the facts which point to no other conclusion than that he is a bad manager!

Chris Currie