Some of my biggest annoyances in society are people chewing loudly when they eat, not putting on headphones while listening to music in public and Steve Bruce.

I’ve always learnt and been taught that it’s not possible to forget, however it’s important to forgive for mishaps or wrongdoings. For this guy, I just don’t feel I want to or need to as a result of the pain and trauma suffered. Fuck him.

Frankly, I was hoping to never hear his name again, and yet part of me should’ve anticipated it since Eddie Howe miraculously kept us up after the shambles of a job by his predecessor.

The so-called Geordie and fan that has more affiliation to Manchester and Cheshire, spoke to the magazine of a formation that many teams don’t use anymore; then subsequently to the item we use in the bathroom to look at ourselves. Perhaps he should’ve done some self reflection instead beforehand.

He says to the reflective surface, “I couldn’t finish my managerial career on what ­happened at Newcastle. I’d taken too much stick – I was being ridiculed. And there’s nothing worse”.

Yes, you’re right Steve. There was nothing worse for us fans with you as manager, with a win percentage of 29.2% – his lowest of the eleven clubs he’s taken charge of. Or a 1.15 points per match total, which was 0.01 points better than his tenure down the road.

Imagine, 94.3% of Newcastle United Supporters Trust members wanted him to leave when the survey was carried out. And finally when he did leave, we were 19th in the table with just 3 points on the board with no wins in the opening 8 matches. A dire record, further proven with just 28 wins in 97 games since he joined.

One thing I found baffling throughout, was Alan Shearer’s response to this, with Brucie being his mate. Instead of laying into to him as any fan did, his lack of neutrality almost made it worse for him.

After leaving upon his 1000th game, which many felt he didn’t deserve under our new owners, he went on to say that “I think this might be my last job”. It wasn’t, and his 35% win ratio at The Baggies is hardly an improvement in a league he’s supposedly known to be successful in for promoting teams on four occasions. I felt sorry for the West Brom fans and more so for Andy Carroll. I’m sure he was relieved to see the back of that shower of shit, only for the shit to arrive again at his doorstep.

Furthermore, this fraud of a manager on average lasts two years in each job before jumping to another, where he has a win percentage of 28% as a Premier League coach. How does such a diabolical crony still even get jobs? He must be bloody amazing at interviews, before showing his true ability and true self when he’s in the job.

It’s a cycle: Results turn poor, blame the players, blame the fans and then exit – telling the same old victim story of how he has been treated time and time again.

He went on to say, “I knew what the team was ­doing on the pitch wasn’t what Newcastle United fans wanted. And I knew they were fed up. They wanted change. But I had a brief to keep the club in the Premier League. And we finished 12th and 13th in my two full seasons. I know we weren’t entertaining or attractive to watch, I’ll hold my hands up”.

I find it sickening that he knew this wasn’t what we wanted, and yet he spent more time and energy fighting us fans on how he was being treated. Football is a results business, and if he’d spent more time on creating better results and more entertaining football, us fans wouldn’t have been on his back as much, if at all if we had even gotten a top 10 finish. I’m kidding myself. He’s incapable of that.

Players have since come out and mentioned various things about him, from not being fit enough at the start of the season, to playing better football ever since Eddie Howe has arrived. Damning is an understatement.

One player that has grown leaps and bounds since Bruce left is Joelinton, who looks a completely different player. It baffles me that the former Manchester United captain couldn’t bring out the best in him, despite many in football saying he’s great with people and a nice family fan. Fuck off and go work in an old folk’s home as an entertainer or man the tills at Sainsbury’s.

His alleged £8m payoff is a farce for what he contributed for getting the club to “tick over”, and mark my words, this won’t be the last we hear from him. He’ll release an autobiography for sure, attempting to spill the beans with controversy left right and centre  to sell drama. Stacks will be shipped, and we as fans may need to be wise enough to not be baited by his bullshit again from the clown.

He continues saying, “I just hope that a few years down the line, some of those supporters who never wanted me will look back at my time in charge and say, ‘Under the circumstances, Brucey didn’t do too bad a job after all’.”

This will never happen, mate. Your Legacy is that you were a spineless puppet to an owner and the worst Newcastle United manager in history.

Take a deep breath. It’s over. We have new owners and an amazing manager. The new season can’t come soon enough.

Alan Khaw – @alankhaw