We are all facing the prospect of a weekend without Newcastle United. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be without a bundle of absolute tip top reading material and we have 90+ pages of some of the best fanzine writing in the country from your friends at this humble gobshite fanzine.

Issue 122 has been available for just under 2 weeks now as a FREE digital fanzine and the response has been phenomenal. We aren’t over-cooking it when we say, true faith just has to be now the most widely read football fanzine in the UK. At least twice as many of you have downloaded this latest issue than we ever sold when it was in hard-copy and we see this as the latest vindication in our decision to switch to the digital format.

We think those of you who were into the hard-copy version of true faith will recognise everything is more or less the same as it ever was in terms of the quality of content and the excellent style of our lay-out. Those of you diving into the digital format will recognise the traditional style but also clock some clever additions which take the fanzine to another level.

All you need to do to get instant access to this latest issue, simply click on the image as below and that’s it you are there.

We have a mountain of stats to tell us how you are all reading the fanzine and there is a growing number of you who are taking it on smart-phones and tablets. I have to say my preference is for a tablet or i-pad but it is absolutely fine on lap-tops and PCs as well.

From everyone who contributed to TF122, we hope you enjoy this issue.

Keep On, Keepin’ On …