Fridays? Don’t you just love them?

Ah well.

Here are a couple of rumours that have made their way to the TF nerve centre which we felt we should share with the Black & White cognoscenti.

Firstly, we have all seen the reported news in the Daily Star alleging that Steve Bruce is to be offered a new three year contract in addition to his current deal, which has one year to run.  The report is here

I’ll leave you to reflect on what that might mean for any Newcastle United takeover. If it is accurate reporting of course.

Separately, despite being told by the Head Coach, Steve Bruce that Alain saint-Maximin has missed pre-season friendly matches because he is “ill”, we have had confirmed reports that the poorly French winger was spotted playing tennis this week. Additionally, despite being reported as a bit peaky, ASM has also been spotted out at local restaurants.

This comes on the back of a reasonable source who informs that ASM is the subject of a £40m bid from Rafa Benitez’s Everton, who may or may not be about to sell their man Richarlison to FC Barcelona. We are told that Newcastle United is holding out for £50m for ASM.

Before anyone loses their minds, we are just saying these are rumours brought to us by people who don’t bull-shit.

We’re told that ASM is happy at Newcastle United, enjoys playing for the club and living in Newcastle. However, the crushing lack of ambition, which he has referred to previously means he is considering all options.

The most serious part of this whole thing is Steve Bruce telling the media that ASM was missing from games because he was “poorly”. Was that entirely true given he has been spotted playing tennis and gallivanting to restaurants?

Maybe that is something our friends in the press could put to Steve Bruce after tonight’s pre-season friendly at Burton Albion?