We are all wondering what the next five to ten years will bring. How much will we spend, on what kind of players, and where will it get us? But I think those days are still out in the distance in terms of our dreams of PL titles and European glory.

For the time being, we will attempt to build a side equipped to challenge in the top-eight, top-six, top-four. It will be a process, and the better you get the better players you attract.

It won’t be an overnight thing and in a way I don’t want it to be.

I want to see the club for a couple of years just punching our weight and getting to places that we should always have aimed to be. Post-SBR we floundered and then came Ashley. We haven’t punched our weight for quite some time.

Newcastle United punching its weight as a club that should aim for top six, should compete for all the best players that are attracted to the PL that Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man United don’t go in for.

We can’t be a club that can’t spend £100m in a transfer window when far smaller clubs do and will do that this summer doubtless. It’s a shame that we’ve had to become the club with the richest owners on the planet just to dream of being where we were twenty years ago. That didn’t need Saudi money as we were already a top club and should have continued to evolve and compete from the early 2000s.

The new money will mean we end up well beyond anything we could have achieved beforehand but for the next couple of years we will actually see Newcastle United as at its natural level, improving – where it could and should have been over the last twenty years. Well run, competitive, re-investing the money it makes, sticking a team out on the park that will have bad days but a few more good ones over a season.

To be a team and a club that punches its weight.

In ten years some of us may look back at 2022 and 2023 as the real glory years, when we were building back up to our natural level and competing for a place on the ladder that we should always have been.

We can look forward to what the future might bring and how many parades take place in the city after a trophy success. But for now I’m excited as hell to see if we can spend a bit of money and get a European spot next season. That for me will be fun. It will be compelling and it will mean loads if we achieve it. I won’t for a second believe we’ll have overreached our natural level but instead believe we’ve merely got back to it.

Who believes Leicester, West Ham, Brighton, Wolves are bigger clubs than Newcastle United? All of those clubs finished higher in the PL table last season. When we overtake them that won’t be an aberration, it will be the natural order being restored. That’s not arrogance is it?

Some Manchester City fans have grown blasé winning trophies and some older Blues fans don’t feel the same connection they once did because of who owns their club.

Who is to say that down the line that doesn’t happen to us? We may become complacent ourselves (as unlikely as that might sound). City is a warning to us that no matter how starved of success you are, after a while you start to expect it.

This is why the next couple of years for me will be so exciting. It won’t be progression based on anything but our club being back where it should be – a club aiming for modest success as a building block.

What comes later is another matter. But the next two years might be looked upon as the real glory years in my opinion, when we finally sit once again at our natural position and started to enjoy the ride again.

Graham Hall