Now that we have just about sorted our new website with the exception of one or two Falconstweaks here and there we are now looking to enhance and add to the content of our online output.

Obviously, we won’t want to undermine what we have in the fanzine as that will always be our number one priority. However, we are looking to see if we can do a few things that will add to the enjoyment of the website hopefully.

So, with that in mind, we are on the look-out for anyone out there who might be interested in helping us develop Blogs covering Newcastle’s “other” teams, namely; The Falcons (Rugby), The Eagles (Basketball) and the Vipers (Ice Hockey). Similarly, if there is anyone out there who would be interested in developing a Blog concerning the Newcastle United Women’s Football Club, we’d be very interested in hearing from you.

Our man Alex Hurst has been covering The Ashes and he’ll continue to follow the England Cricket team as long as he wants to but we’d also be really interested in adding someone to our team who knows what they are on about when it comes to the fortunes of the North East’s top sports team, Durham County Cricket Club.

We’d also love to add some Blogging coverage of the non-league football scene as well, so if this is something that would be up your autobahn, please just drop us a line.

Clearly, the major focus of everything we do at true faith is Newcastle United but we are trying to be more rounded these days and thought this might be a way of simply adding some bits and pieces to the site our readers might be interested in dipping into occasionally.

As ever, we aren’t interested in professional writers or people with high-falutin qualifications. Though we wouldn’t put them off either (just don’t expect to be paid). An ability to express yourself, entertain and inform is what is needed but the main ingredient is a passion for your subject.

Drop us a line on editor@ but copy it into as well as we might have been experiencing a few hiccups with e-mails since we went to the new site.

Cheers. tflogo_small