Full Match Report  from St James’ Park to follow


It’s better but we still can’t defend. Teams look at us and think we can get amongst these. First goal I’ve no idea what Darlow did. Second goal was just an inability to watch people. Joelinton was miles better and when he got the ball actually tried to do something positive, worked through from frotn to back. He slipped when in for the winner, but other players look to be exposed by the high tempo, technical football we try and play – Lascelles might have scored but he and Clark were shown up by Toney. 

Fabian Schar – really poor!



 Aye, alright things didn’t really go our way today with the 3-3 draw, especially with the teams around us picking up wins, but despite what the twitter meltdown would suggest, we’re not out of this yet.

 There were many improvements visible this afternoon, we were ultimately let down by our sub-par goalkeeper and a wicked bit of bad luck for their third goal. Dubravka absolutely HAS to be back in the starting lineup next week. I’m not sure what’s happened to Darlow but at this point I’d rather have Matz Sels in net.

Our defence needs a lot of work too, that’s clear to see by anybody who has seen us play this season and it has to be our top priority in the January window, and if we can get someone in who is a natural leader too, that would be great, because right now we have nobody. Lascelles just isn’t performing and I think even he knows that and it’s affecting his ability to captain the team.

 But on the plus side, the lads gave it everything for the entire 90+ minutes and weren’t keeling over after 20 minutes like before. Several individuals looks reinvigorated, non moreso THAN Joelinton who looked like a different player…… right up until he Joelintoned the chance to bag the winner.

 The teams around us picked up points and condemned us to the bottom of the league, yes, but that’s unlikely to happen every week, and although it looks unlikely on paper, football is football and there’s always a chance we could pick up points in the December of Doom. We need to stop thinking of everything is a foregone conclusion. Odd results happen. All teams hit patches of good and bad form. We just need to hit a good patch while the teams we chasing hit bad ones.

 Teams that stay rooted to the bottom of the league and get relegated do so because they are consistently shit. We have a damn good chance of improving with the new regime, new gaffer and hopefully new signings.

 Let’s step away from the big red panic button for now. Arsenal aren’t unbeatable, so who’s to say we don’t pick something up there? And even if we don’t, the consensus was we’d be happy with 7 points from the next four games and we have one on the board already.


Newcastle showed signs of sign but ultimately the leaky defence let them down. Don’t understand the selection or formation, even if it was more progressive. Dubravka played international football last week and should’ve played. His ability to command is priceless even if he’s not 100%. The other results around us couldn’t have gone worse. It’s going to take some doing to keep the Premier League’s worst team up this season.


Tough one today. 2 points dropped I think we’d all say. Joelinton went from being hero to Rivière. Simple opportunity to win the game, tried too hard and fell over the ball. Scary.

That said, enjoyed the attacking intent, the changes made were ultimately positive and I thought with a little rub of the green we could have won. I don’t recall a fifty fifty ball dropping our way all afternoon.

That said, I was petrified every time they attacked. A long long road ahead. Bottom of the league so it can’t get worse!


Played like a proper football team today. Possession of the ball and a boldness to attack the other team. Even tried to get the ball back. The keeper selection  is Howe’s first major. Needs to learn fast from that. Joelinton was a man reborn. Fell over when it really mattered but you can’t have it all. Terrible result though. No other way to say it.