We’ve had a canny few comments this week about the stuff we do to promote various groups including The People’s Assembly and Coalition of Resistance.  I say a canny few, I mean about a dozen.  And some of them from questionably familiar IP addresses/VPN’s.

The Editor is having a few days away in the dacha this week so I thought I’d address some of those comments and put things in context a little.  A few people seem surprised at the fact that TF isn’t exclusively devoted to Newcastle United.  That surprises me a little bit as we’ve done things like Drums & Wires in the print fanzine since it’s inception and feedback around it is always good.  Likewise the bits and pieces we do around clothes, football culture, original fiction and the historical stuff woven into some of the articles along the way.

The website has included what can be classed as ‘political’ content for years and that content hasn’t included encouraging people to buy Margaret Thatcher tea towels.  Sorry and that, but we’re just not into that sort of thing.   Not all of the TF writing team are what I would class as ‘politicised’ but a few are and in the majority of cases they are to one degree or another, left leaning.

As is the North East of England in general and Newcastle upon Tyne in particular.

Put simply, if you don’t like the political stuff, don’t read it.  You’re all big lads and lasses and when you see something that looks political on the site, you can take it as read that it isn’t going to a gushing overview of the career of Grant Shapps.  Personally, I don’t read the Daily Mail for the very same reason – I don’t like it and it would only wind me up to read it.  Although I do read the Telegraph on occasion as one finds it does one good to have a view from the other side in one’s life occasionally.

The point of putting this out isn’t to advance my own political beliefs – as I said you’re all big lads and lasses and I don’t kid myself that anything that I say is going to make you change your mind.  The very point of that is that the political aspects of the website are aimed at those who would take interest in and/or have sympathy with the views expressed – again if that isn’t you, just don’t bother reading it.  We’re never going to be Tories, you’re never going to be socialists.  C’est la vie.


Power to the People