Darlow – 1 – cost us the game. The first one isn’t the kind of mistake you see at this level. The other goals are just because he’s not up to it. A mistake to select him.
Murphy – 5 – Looked like the weak link for a long time but stood firm and offered a lot in the second half. Bad for their first and third though. Always a risk playing him there
Schar – 6 – we look better with him in the team. Carried it well and did what we thought he would. He’ll get better too as he’s hardly played this season.
Lascelles -7 – Unlucky with the OG and got us off the mark. Looked like the captain of old.
Clark – 5 – struggled with the size of Brentford’s front two. Surprised he was selected. Did OK.
Ritchie – 5 – good going forward. Bad at the back. It’s what you get when you pick him there. Lewis needs a game.
JJS – 7 – loads better and looks like the player Howe thinks he could be. Grafted looses and got about the pitch. Some lovely passes.
Willock – 4 – Didn’t happen for him and he was weak on the ball. I think he needs to play further forward. He’s not a CM.
ASM – 8 – was brilliant. Great goal. A massive threat throughs. Miles more effective playing on the wing.
Wilson 5 – Not his day. Grafted but couldn’t get the ball to fall for him and the few chances he got he could have done better.
Joelinton 8 – Best game in B&W by a mile. Great goal. Great graft and was a leader today. Looks a player. I never thought I’d say that. He still falls over a lot like when it seems easier to score but you can’t have it all
Longstaff – 5 – didn’t really get into the game. Looked rusty.
Fraser – 7 – brilliant ball for the goal. Brilliant. Always looking to get the ball forwards and makes a difference.
ALEX HURST – @tfAlex1892