Well that was shite and we are shit. No shots, no goals and no contest. Just like the last time I was at a league away game in February 2020 we look doomed. After that Bruce was forced to change formation and then we were okay for a bit. He can’t lose to Southampton, but we might because we aren’t very good.

Woodman – 4: Couldn’t do anything about either goal but was rooted to his line far too often. Doesn’t look up to it.

Murphy – 2: isn’t good enough. Too often he receives the ball and has no idea what to do next. Decent pace but you’d expect that from a winger. Conceded the FK that the pen came from.

Schar – 6: Why did he get a game today but not last week? Decent bringing the ball out and at least trying to find a pass.

Lascelles – 1: Unforgivable losing the header to Mings for the first goal. Shocking. Then conceded a pen and was lucky not to be sent off. He’s gone so far backwards he’ll wake up in 2016 kicking off at Everton away next week.

Fernandez – 5: Usual FF performance. Sacrificed so that for the second week in a row we started with a back 5 and finished with a back 4. Why?

Ritchie- 2: Looks woefully short at this level. Not quick enough to support in attack and too slow to get back and defend effectively. Looks like a lockdown footballer to me. Not bad when everyone is playing ag 60%. Nee good when the other team are at 100%.

Almiron – 2: played completely out of position in central midfield. He should leave.

Hayden – 2: Went off at half time but was anonymous  again. Can’t kick a ball properly. Can’t really tackle without getting booked.

Willock – 6: Welcome back, JW. Having second thoughts? Got nought from anyone but was positive, his first touch was always a forward touch and tried a couple of times to do it himself. Will be crucial this season.

ASM – 2: A winger played as a CF. But he can’t play up front. Easy to mark, easy to stop and doesn’t have the discipline to play there. Get him out wide where he does all his best stuff.

Wilson: 6: Did his best and put himself about. Unlucky not to get a pen and should have scored in the first half. This is Bruce’s United though and you aren’t allowed to miss a chance because we’re fucked if you do.

Alex Hurst @tfAlex1892