TRUE FAITH – all over the away end at Leeds – Alex Hurst with his Player Ratings for TF after a vital, hugely enjoyable win. 

Dubravka  7 – That save early on. Everything we know MD can be. Big, strong and getting in the way of shit. If that goes in it’s a different story. Leeds should score and they don’t. Massive. Not loads to do after that but dominated his area. Got loads of time for this bloke and think rumours of his demise premature.

Paul Dummet 5 – Had to mark one of the league’s inform players and stuck at it but got rinsed repeatedly. We got better when we went off.

Fabian Schar 9 – Best defender on the pitch by a mile. He’s a shit house. I love it There was absolutely nought wrong with him first half when he went down and Leeds were all over us. Massive block with his muscular ankle at 0 0. Played everywhere and is a leader. He’s not this good every week but if he was he’d be worth the money being talked about for the people the club are trying to replace him with.

Jamal Lascelles 6 – Did okay apart from some shocking positional play in the first half. Got better as the game went on but I thought we looked better without him after he went off through Injury.

Kieron Trippier 8 – The man is class. Nothing he isn’t good at. Leeds really fancied attacking his side in the first half and then just had to stop that nonsense as the game wore on. He’s so good I still can’t believe he plays for us. He’s a leader too. He’ll make players around him better.

Joelinton 5 – Did fine before injury and nicked the ball a few times. I think we look much better playing three midfielders when we play three midfielders in those positions. Sorry Joe.

Jonjo Shelvey 8 – Quite first half and ran the game second half. Crucial goal and despite the keeper gluing it in for him it’s a lovely technique from Jonjo as the ball bouncing in the 6 yard box always makes it much harder for keepers. Love the celebration. Really grafted second half and got his foot/head in. We didn’t have loads of the ball and he was still good. Promising.

Willock 7 – Bad season but good game. First time playing in a 3 for Howe and looked better. He gets about the pitch a lot which the other two alongside him don’t really do. I want to see him play 10 games in this role. Should have scored at the end but probs for the best as some of the lads around me might still be stuck between the seats in Elland Road now if he had.

ASM 8 – Aye loses it lots. Aye he ambles back slowly. Aye he doesn’t really try and win the ball back ever. Should have had a pen and set up two sitters for opponents. He should have had three assists if his play had been rewarded. He needs to play for us and he’s our top scorer. We need to suck up the bad stuff because the good stuff is so important.

Ryan Fraser 6 – great graft but limited end product. Need more from him still. Imagine if ASM got injured?

Chris Wood 6 – Much better than last week. Held the ball up well second half. We still don’t put any crosses in for him. Not his fault but he just makes me miss Wilson more.


Longstaff 7 – So many tackles, presses and generally did things Leeds’ lads didn’t want him to. I’d start him next game.

Manquillo 8 – is it too much to say he changed the game? Absolutely fucking class when he came on. His wife currently kicking off because he’s brought  Raphina home without realising he was still in his back pocket. Won the free kick with the kind of run from full back that people pay £50m for

Clark 7 – Played and didn’t give the opposition a goal. Did really well actually

ALEX HURST – @TFAlex1892