Sadly the following player ratings have been heavily influenced by local journalists putting a negative slant on things.  These player ratings are absolutely not the result of a fan going to match and standing in the away end forming opinions for himself based on what he witnessed.  Sorry Steve, everything is great and we are only 19th in the league because of other people. Get yourself away on holiday again mate.

Woodman 3 – largely gifted Ronaldo 2 easy goals – spilled the first and straight through him for the second. Hopefully his confidence won’t be destroyed but we’re missing Dubravka badly and Darlow can’t come back in soon enough. This Gillespie kid? Why is he nowhere near and if not why is he in the squad?

Manquillo – 6 – naturally pushed back given the opposition but did okay – his desire to join the attack and his finish was sweet as a nut.

Ritchie – 6 – really can’t fault his desire and passion. He got forward enough too but there were clearly moments when his loss of pace was telling.

Lascelles – 5 – probably a bit better than he’s been under Bruce but overall he’s not the leader he was under Rafa.

Clark – 5 – Not much different than Lascelles in honesty

Hayden – 5 – again plenty of determination and dedication but lacks the quality needed against elite players.

S. Longstaff – 6 – one of the best games he’s had in a while for us. Prone to losing possession but again no lack of dedication and work rate. Hopefully he’ll build on this and get back to being the player many of us believe he still can be – though he may need a proper coach to achieve that

Almiron – 7 – tireless running and a great outlet that helped push Man U back on occasions as well as combining with ASM.

ASM – 8 – a genuine threat throughout the game – got the ball up the pitch and at the moment is worth the ticket money to watch him. The only real reason to go to the match bar the whole bloody mindedness of being a Mag.

Joelinton – 4 – I can’t question his application but now in his third season I’m still baffled anyone thought he was worth £40m. He has zero striker instinct. No real pace, doesn’t score, doesn’t create, not much cop in the air, doesn’t hold the ball up … £40m … why?

Willock – 7 – decent game and looks like he belongs at this level – strong, good technique and along with Almiron, ASM, S Longstaff with Wilson the cause for optimism we won’t be relegated.

Subs – Murphy, Lewis, Hendrick – all in the great Steve Bruce tradition of late and pointless subs where lads maybe get a boost with an appearance fee but little else. Summary – we weren’t terrible – perhaps it wasn’t really a 4-1 but those 2 from Ronaldo were soft goals which were ultimately the consequence of poor goalkeeping. Woodman needs to be taken out of the firing line because 12 goals in 4 games is doing nowt for his development

Michael Martin