Mick was in the away end at Etihad and here are his Player Ratings from the game: 

Manchester City 5 Newcastle United 0, 8/May/2022, KP16:30, Premier League. 

Dubravka- his handling for the second goal was certainly questionable but he was off his line quickly which helped and did well on crosses. I suppose that’s in the job description – 5

Krafth – clearly targeted down our right hand side and his positional play was all a bit awry for much of the game. Had nowt much in the way of protection let’s be honest as well – 4

Burn – probably our best man and never gave up the ghost but he’ll be pleased he only plays these twice a season – 6

Lascelles – the game has passed him by – just not up to this level and would likely interest a Championship side. Thank you and good night – 3

Targett – never gave up the ghost I suppose and did have some success down the left – but not much. Next to Burn, our best man – 6

Bruno – lost in this side and his talent will be squandered alongside some of this lot who are simply not good enough – 5

Longstaff – a hard one to come back into admittedly but he did little to show he deserves a new contract. Never stopped running but all a bit industrial and pointless with little to match what he was up against – 3

Joelinton – put his foot in and tried to make life difficult but probably didn’t really – 5

ASM – I can’t remember the last time he had a good game – regardless of whether that was against a top side or a mediocre one. His performances this year will see him leave NUFC – 3

Almiron – headless chicken, plenty running but largely pointless and with little end product. Another who could be heading for the exit marked bottom 6 La Liga outfit – 3

Wood – a willing runner if again largely artless – 4


Trippier – immediately demonstrated he has a positional sense that Krafth hasn’t but the game was gone when he came on and went further as we switched off – 4

Wilson – before we conceded the final two I thought we looked like we had a bit of focus – he did okay – bar missing a good chance – though fair fucks to the goalie – 4

Murphy – should have offered a big more with his fresh legs so watching City players motor by him in the last few moments isn’t something his agent will put in his highlights package – 3

All round – gash

Michael Martin – @TFMick1892