We are delighted to carry this feature concerning Phoenix Taxis, who are a growing local company and employer from Blyth with an admirable environmental conscience. Phoenix has recently agreed to fund the Newcastle United Supporters Trust’s Junior coaching sessions for children and young people across the North East. We suggest if you need a taxi or coach you contact this great local business who have a great sense of social responsibility – Michael Martin, Editor, true faith, Newcastle United Fanzine.


Phoenix Taxis, the largest electric and hybrid taxi company in the UK, has made an Tesla1exciting electric addition to its fleet. The Northumberland-based firm has purchased a Tesla S as a luxury addition to its executive range of cars.

The £80,000 car is currently the one available as a taxi in the north of England.

Managing director, Alex Hurst, said: “The tesla, a premium electric vehicle, is a very exciting and welcome addition to our executive service. Excellent service has proven fundamental to the success of our business, and we are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. We genuinely care about the environment and are driven by a passion to reduce our carbon footprint and have done this consistently through the years by investing in new technology and exploring alternative fuel resources to petrol or diesel. We are thrilled that we can offer such a top-class service while providing a sustainable transport service.” 

The company are planning to purchase a further nine Teslas over the course of 2015.

To arrange a test drive and review of the Tesla please contact Jennifer Robson on  jen@wearesparkle.co.uk or Nicola Little on  /Nicola@wearesparkle.co.uk

In the three years since Alex became Managing Director, he has transformed this £1.6million LPG-powered business to a £3.8million company with environmental impact at the core of its business strategy. Through this strategy, we have invested heavily in customer safety technology as well as trying to reduce their carbon footprint. They were the first taxi firm in the UK to introduce the Nissan LEAF as an integral part of the fleet to help us meet our environmental commitments. As a rapidly growing business, doubling turnover and a dramatically increasing fleet size, the introduction of the Nissan LEAF slashed their carbon footprint by one third since 2010 (last checked September 2013).

Established in 1990 Phoenix is a family-run business and proud to have one of the “greenest” taxi fleets in the United Kingdom. The majority of its cars run on Liquid Petroleum Gas or are hybrid vehicles, rather than diesel.

Visit the website at http://www.phoenixtaxis.net