Book now on transport to the demonstration
People’s Train from London
Leaves London Euston 7:30am
Returns from Manchester 6pm
Tickets: £42 / £21 (conc)

To book on coaches from across the country contact your local group or find a coach near you here.

In less than two weeks the national demonstration at the conservative party conference will assemble in Manchester. All signs point to the demonstration being one of the biggest Manchester has ever seen.

Here’s some things you can do to help:
– Share this page on Facebook and Twitter
– hit the high streets with leaflets this Saturday
– pick two or three evenings next week to leaflet a local train station
– put posters up in your workplace
– send a text to all your friends about the demo
– forward this email to your contacts
– get involved in your local People’s Assembly group and plan some action
– book up on transport to the demo

Big People’s Assembly rallies and public meetings have been taking place in the run up to the demo. Here’s a report from some of them:

West / North Yorkshire People’s Assembly: The first West / North Yorkshire People’s Assembly took place on the 3rd September and was attended by over 250 people. Speeches were given by Liz Kitching (Hands Off Our Homes), Debbie Wilkinson (Unite Yorkshire Ambulance Service), Dr John Puntis (Keep Our NHS Public) and Owen Jones (author and columnist). The speeches were followed by contributions from the floor. The venue was packed to capacity, and there was an inspiring mood of shared purpose, anger and defiance. This event marked the launch of the People’s Assembly here in West Yorkshire.

Merseyside People’s Assembly: Over 600 people cramed into the Adelphi Hotel on 5 September for the launch of the Merseyside People’s Assembly. Full report here.

Sheffield People’s Assembly: 300 People attended the Sheffield People’s Assemblyon Saturday. The event set out a plan of activity toward the demo and the 5 Novemberday of civil disobedience.

Newcastle People’s Assembly: Saturday’s People’s Assembly was bigger, broader and more representative than any previous anti-austerity meeting in north-east England. Attended by 500 people, the day of rallies, workshops and entertainment served as a platform for future action, as well as providing space for valuable discussion and dialogue. Hundreds of people – representing a wide range of campaigns, trade unions and political backgrounds – gathered at Northern Stage, in Newcastle’s city centre, to plan the resistance. They shared experiences of the effects of austerity, exchanged ideas and developed the connections that can shape a more powerful co-ordinated opposition to cuts.

Remember, Remember, 5th November…

At the People’s Assembly in June we launched a call for mass civil disobedience on 5 November. At the TUC last week, congress unanimously passed support for theNovember 5 day of action. On this day we aim to organise mass direct action in every town and city. More details available soon. If you are planning something please let us know.

The People’s Assembly needs your help

Last week Tony Benn launched a financial appeal for the People’s Assembly. We need to increase our monthly income if we are to continue to support the growth of the movement locally and nationally. Thanks to all those that have donated so far.

Please consider setting up a regular monthly payment of however much you can afford.Donate now