Thurs 27th Feb – Sunday 2nd March 2nd floor & Gallowgate Suite miners-strike-orgreave


Tyneside Irish Club


Newcastle upon Tyne.


A photographic exhibition of scenes from the strike by photo journalists Martin Jenkinson,

Ray Rising Peter Arkell, and from Heather Wood’s collection will be on view along with miners lodge banners from 4 pm Thursday  27th Feb – 2 March 4 pm


Thursday 27th Feb Concert Room 7 pm   Banner Theatre, Burning Issues!–  tickets £5 from the club, the Durham Miners or on the door


Friday 28th Feb. Gallowgate Suite 4 pm  NO REDEMPTION (film)

Dave Hopper Gen Sec North East Area NUM, Dave Douglass NUM  Facts and Myths of the strike.

                                La Derniere Greve, (French TV documentary) St Helen’s Lancs’ 84.

                                Scab! (Film) Joshua Bailey James Fenwick

Sat 1st March. 11 am   Alan Cummings, President of Durham Miners Association

                                (Film) Coal not Dole & classic German TV Documentary ‘Yorkshire 84’

                                1-20 Heather Wood, Durham Area Women Against Pit Closures and SEAM

                Rachel Horne, What This culture of coal means for the post closure coalfield generation’.

2-15      Presentation Launch and signings  Harry Pattison’s book on the strike in the Nottingham Coalfield     Look Back in Anger

3-pm        Dennis Murphy General Secretary Northumberland Miners & Dave Hopper General Secretary of Durham Miners:  The Strike in the Northern Coalfield.


4 pm Films and Discussion on The Politics of Impunity, Bloody Sunday, Orgreave, Stonehenge (films and documentaries) Chair David Douglass speaker Barbara Jackson Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign


Sunday 2nd March

12 noon                  The Role of the Rail and Maritime Unions in the Great Strike of 84/5

                                Mick Whelan General Secretary ASLEF. Bob Crow General Secretary RMT

2-30                                      The Politics of Power and Energy ‘Cutting off our noses to spite their faces’

                               Ian Lavery MP former NUM President and member of the Parliamentary Energy Select Committee, & David Douglass NUM author of Clean Coal, and Climate Change.


Organised by North East Area National Union of Mineworkers, with kind assistance from Beamish Museum, Tyneside Irish Club, ASLEF, GMB Gateshead Branch & Northern Region and the photo journalists . With special help from UNITE community project.