Everyone associated with true faith was shocked to hear of the death of our former goal-keeper, Pavel Srnicek at the very young age of 47. Obviously all Newcastle United supporters will be saddened by the news but that will be nothing compared to the devastation felt by Pavel’s close family and friends.

Pavel formed a strong attachment to our club and was a regular visitor to the city long after his playing days had ended and although I never met the man all that did reckon he was a good lad, always seemed to be happy and outgoing and a man who enjoyed his life.

Pavel played for our club at a time of great optimism and one those of us experienced look back upon with great affection.

2015 has been an awful year to be following Newcastle United but today is the worst day of a very bad twelve months.

Pavel Srnicek will be long remembered with fondness by Newcastle United supporters and everyone at this fanzine sends its most sincere condolences to his friends and family.