The note below is the latest update from the Newcastle United Supporters Trust and covers their recent involvement with the Football Supporters Association and meeting with the Premier League. The meeting covered Newcastle United’s refusal to communicate their position on refunds for games which will be played behind closed doors and the much reported Newcastle United takeover. 

The Newcastle United Supporters Trust attended the latest Premier League Network Meeting earlier this week organised by the Football Supporters Association, and in attendance was Bill Bush, an Executive Director at the Premier League.

The meeting was understandably vastly centered on the restart of the Premier League next week. Despite initial concerns raised by football policing units to the Premier League, all of Newcastle United’s games will take place at their intended venues, pending any potential complications that arise in the future.

A big issue around the Premier League right now is the issuing of refunds to supporters for games that will be taking place behind closed doors. As has been well reported by ourselves and both local and national media, we are the only set of supporters yet to hear from their football club with regards to refunds. We have since taken legal advice and will update members at a later date.

* Newcastle United season ticket holders, and individual ticket holders are due refunds for five Premier League home games.
* Newcastle United fans are due refunds for Manchester City at home in the FA Cup.
* Around 1100 Newcastle fans are due a refund for Bournemouth away in the Premier League
* Supporters who are currently on the 10-year season ticket price freeze have seen payments taken in full for next season or 4 months of direct debit payments for those on the monthly payment scheme
* NUST contacted Newcastle United on March 18th regarding future Season Ticket payments given the likelihood of games being played behind closed doors
* NUST has sent numerous emails and has had phone calls with NUFC but the club retains the stance that nothing is confirmed.
* Newcastle United is the last Premier League team yet to inform their supporters about refund options or to even communicate its position

We did raise this issue with the Premier League and despite ticketing operations being in the hands of the individual clubs, they did say they’d talk to Newcastle United on our behalf. It must be stressed that this isn’t a guarantee of an outcome, we are firmly reliant on the duty of Newcastle United to abide by its duties to supporters. However, it is positive that the Premier League listened to the Trust, understood our concerns and we hope to hear back from them on the matter.

It was also confirmed to the Trust that the potential takeover is still not completed but ongoing. The Premier League stressed to the Trust their ownership test is stricter than many are lead to believe.

* Almost 97% of our members are in favour of the proposed takeover
* NUST has discussed the takeover situation with numerous media outlets, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Other matters such as the phased return to stadia for football fans were raised. Whilst the Premier League will follow all of the health and safety advice given by the government before making it possible, it was stressed by all in attendance that football clubs must ensure they liaise with their supporters as how to approach the situation fairly and safely when it arises.

The point was also raised to the Premier League that clubs who continue to fail to communicate with their fans should be challenged accordingly in association with the rules set by the Premier League on fan engagement. We look on with particular interest on this one.

If/when we have any further developments that we could possibly provide our members, we’ll be sure to relay that information to you.
Thank you for reading.

Board – NUFC Trust