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Newcastle United Supporters’ Trust and the Football Supporters Federation are looking to subsidise a bus to London on 14th August 2014 for football supporters in the North East who would like to attend the protest at the escalating cost of ticket prices for matches this coming season. There will be a march and protest outside Premier League HQ. The march will be attended by supporters from a number of clubs in the UK and it is hoped there will be a strong delegation from the North East.

Although there will be a subsidy for the bus, supporters will be asked to pay towards the cost but further details will be available soon.

To register an interest in travelling to the protest, please

Further Details on the March here

NUST at the Supporters Summit 2014 – Report

This year’s National Supporters Summit took place at Wembley Stadium and was again hosted by Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters Federation. Two Board Members, Peter Fanning and Ciaran Donaghy attended from NUST and the following is a report back from them.

The opening session was preceded by the FSF Chairman, Malcolm Clark saying a few words about the tragic loss of Liam Sweeney and John Alder. We all joined in a round of applause in recognition of their loss and also as a tribute to the reaction of the football family to the fundraising initiative set up by Sunderland fan Gary Ferguson.

There was then a film of Greg Dyke, FA Chairman, answering questions put to him about his England Commission report issued in May. He was unable to attend the conference due to holiday arrangements. He explained his thinking behind the controversial “B Team” proposals and also what else he thinks needs to be changed to improve the position of the English game at the top level, including coaching structures and facilities at grassroots level throughout the country. The biggest reaction from the audience was when he explained that while in Brazil for the World Cup he had got out and about to listen to fans views. The film then cut to him talking to a bloke with an England shirt on and a bottle of beer in his hand………on a yacht! Real grassroots feedback!

Peter said, “I get the impression that he will try and shake up the traditional structures at the FA and he will have no problem putting controversial proposals out there to stimulate debate. We’ll see.”

Ciaran and Peter attended different workshop sessions to try and spread their coverage of some interesting debates as follows:

Read the rest of the Report here


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