Alex Hurst hosts Michael Martin and Yousef Hatem to discuss a crazy day even by Newcastle United standards.

Mike Ashley released a statement detailing HMRC had dropped their investigation into the club and that he was taking the Premier League to court (again) on anti-competition grounds.

Alex and Mick were joined by Yousef who could give us his professional analysis on the whole thing.

Then the lads discuss the seismic actions of Manchester United fans at the weekend and how fans of Newcastle United should feel now football club ownership is in the news.

Alex hosts Norman, Adam & Chris to discuss a better showing from United against Tottenham.

There’s another formation change, more players sacrificed and even a decent showing from Joelinton

However the performance and changes raise more questions about a manager who has no clear identity and just throws players and formations randomly at fixtures in the hope of avoiding two humiliations in a row.

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