I looked in to doing this article around 12 months ago after a meeting with the club to discuss the loyalty points system and general away ticketing issues.
As the away fans representative on the Fans Forum I get a lot of questions relating to these issues so I thought this sort of article was the best way to respond.
However, despite numbers being mentioned by the club at that time, I was not given the exact figures needed to progress the article.
So, the questions asked.
Why can I NEVER get away tickets?

Well this season, you could in fact get tickets to at least 50% of away games simply by being a season ticket holder.
You could get tickets to 35% of games just by being a member.
You could get tickets to 25% on general sale. That’s on sale to anyone.
The figures for this season in terms of points are:
Bournemouth 90
Huddersfield 45
Watford 45
Man Utd 30
Man City 20
Liverpool 15
Arsenal 5
West Ham 5
Chelsea, Burnley and Leicester 0
Palace and Brighton Members
Everton, Swansea, Southampton, WBA and Stoke General Sale
Spurs TBC

  Season 16/17 –

o   8 games with points only (20 points – highest 95)

o   3 to zero points

o   5 to members,

o   7 fixtures got to general sale

o   Season 15/16 –

o   2 games points only ( 65 & 105)

o   3 zero points

o   14 went to members sale

o   No general sale

So, you can never get tickets? think again.
As for the misconceptions over the thousands who have hundreds of loyalty points, it’s maybe nowhere near as bad as you might think.
Points totals are:
150+    1122 fans
100-149    918 fans
75-99    615 fans
50-74    914 fans
25-49    2246 fans
Fans with less than 25 (minimum of 1 point) 18247
On a lot of allocations this season, some would think they have no chance of getting tickets given that there are over 3500 fans with more than 50 points. However, the first list of figures proves that not all of these fans will go to every game and there is more than enough availability for fans to gradually work their way up the loyalty points ladder.
The main difficulty appears to be around the “must go to” games.
Your bigger teams and the grounds everyone wants to visit. IMO these are nothing special.
There is no such thing as a bad away game or bad away experience. They are what you, the fans make them. We have a great away following and are generally well received wherever we go.
 Please don’t convince yourself you can NEVER get a ticket. You can. It may not be the game you wanted, but try it. I will 100% guarantee you will enjoy it.
After all, It’s Rafa’s Newcastle United you go to watch, not some team put together by Middle Eastern or Russian money in zero atmosphere clubs.
Hope to see you soon on your travels! Keep the Faith.
Steve Wallwork
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