Ahead of Sunday’s showdown down on Wearside, we made a visit to the excellent Northern Threads in Tacchini
South Shields to get sorted with a nice bit of clobber ahead of the game but also to chew the fat with Phil Goodfellow (Mackem) and Colin Peat (Geordie) who between them own and manage a brilliant men’s designer clothing outlet which we at true faith are proud to have as sponsors and friends. 
As anyone who knows the NE well will know, South Shields is one of those rare places in the region where Black & Whiters and the other lot live side by side. It manages not to break out into open warfare most of the time. 
Anyway, we caught up with Phil and Colin to discuss the derby, each club and of course terrace attire for the more discerning supporter. 
1. So then, another season of gloom for the North East’s so-called big two – what’s your take on the NT1season so far? 
Colin: Same as last season nothing to get excited about. Hoping to stay up for another season the same as last season.
Phil: Very poor, a huge let down again on Sunderland part.
2. Both clubs have parted company with their managers – are you sad to see your man go or glad to see the back of him?
Colin: Glad to see him go, couldn’t stand the sight of him or his constant bullshit and inept tactics.
Phil: Glad – another manager with no idea on tactics or style of play
3. Where do you see the strengths and weaknesses in your team for Sunday? NT2
Colin: Plenty of weaknesses all over the pitch. we need to use pace and width with Janmatt Cabella and Perez our best options.
Phil: Home, we up our game for derby, Cattermole back.
4. If you were the manager what would you be telling your players?
Colin: Get stuck in front the first minute, pass the ball well, use the wings and get some quality balls into the box.
Phil: This game is so important, 3 points is the FA cup. Our supporters need something to shout about.
5. Both of you lads have er, how should we put it been around the block a couple of times and seen NT3football fashions on the terraces, come and go so let’s get down to it – which club has the best turned out sets of fans? Which labels do you associate as classics with fans of your club? 
Colin: Both clubs have some well dressed lads with the old classics Stone Island C.P Company (due in this autumn) Aquascutum Lacoste Adidas Paul & Shark
Phil: Both as good as each other as have worked in both cities. Stone Island a huge cross over brand.
6. Looking back over time what has been your own favourite item of clobber you have had for the match?
Colin: Lacoste reversible jacket (came in handy once or twice)
Phil: Personally my best outfit – Diadora Borgelite, Farah trousers, Lacoste polo, Pringle Knit, Australian Tracktop 10/10
7. Which clubs have had fans which have impressed you with their terrace style? (and why, say what they NT4were wearing around about which era etc)
Colin: Early 2000 Man U/ Hibs Combined loads of Stone Island C.P Company ( about 400 Lads) on Westgate road.
Phil: Chelsea, London Pitches
8. Be honest now, what has been your own football fashion disasters?
Colin: Burberrys full check shirt for FA Cup final
Phil: Head to toe in Moschino and powder blue Patrick Cox shoes.
9. Back to the football though, as I said before you are both nearly as old as me and have a treasure NT5trove of memories from the derby matches – what’s your greatest derby moment? 
Colin: New Years Day 1985, Beardsley hat trick in a 3-1 win in the benches with my old man.
Phil: Got to be Quinn & Philips
10.. Who is the player in your side from derbies of the past, you would like in your side this Sunday?
Colin: Alan Shearer – Can i not pick 11 players
Phil: Philips – who else!
11. Which opposing player in the history of both clubs would you secretly loved to have had in your side?NT6
Colin: The only one who stands out is Kevin Philips
Phil: Alan Shearer
12. Which player in the opposing side would you admit to wishing in your side this Sunday?
Colin: Jermain Defoe – the only goal poacher
Phil: Cisse – Handfull
13. Both of you have the freedom of Northern Threads – let me know what you would take from the rails and shelves – top to bottom to wear this Sunday?
Colin: Aquascutum ‘Blythe’ Field jacket, Aquascutum hill check polo, Levis 522, Clarks Desert boot.
Phil: Grenson Shoes, Edwin Jeans, Ralph Lauren Shirt, Paul & Shark Sweatshirt, Matchless Jacket
14. A lot of staff in Designer clothing shops appear to have an opinion about themselves but the Gazellesxatmosphere is more natural and friendly in Northern Threads – is that deliberate or has it just evolved?
Colin: The directors/owners Phil and Nigel and myself are just normal lads who have experience in building good relationships with our customers and the lads on the shop floor are trained in customer service and building relationships.
Phil: No its not deliberate we are lads lads and want to serve customers the way we want to be served. my staff are great.
15. Who is the best dressed lad working at Northern Threads?
Colin: Josh (Geordie)
Phil: Me
16.  And the worst?
Colin: Boe (Mackem)
Phil: Me – ha-ha
17. Predictions for Sunday? 
Colin: 1-1 Not exactly a classic form. Two poor sides.
Phil: Sunderland to win 4-0 Defoe with hat trick (we can all dream).
I’m delighted to say that the lads at Northern Threads have put up a couple of pairs of adidas Gazelles up as prizes ahead of the derby. 
All you have to do to enter the competition to win a pair of your choice is click Like on the Facebook button below. We’ll announce the winners next week after the derby. 

Northern Threads is a premier outlet for designer clothes with an international reach but which is based here on Tyneside.

Northern Threads has two stores based in central South Shields. Both are a short walk from South Shields Metro Station at Fowler St. (adjacent to the Denmark Centre) and on Ocean Road opp. Kirkpatrick’s Pub.

For those travelling to South Shields by car there is loads of cheap car parking nearby and the Morrissons Car Park is FREE on Sunday.

You can also visit the Northern Threads website here. 

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For all in-store, full price purchases of over £100 you can gain a discount of 15% on production of your Newcastle United season ticket.