It now seems the good people of North Shields FC and their followers share a crank with NorthShieldsbadgethis fanzine. Others might refer to his activities as trolling but I prefer the good old fashioned description of crank because his conduct pre-dates the digital age. For God knows what reason this goon has chosen, in my opinion, to take to social media to smear North Shields and their fans but if it’s any consolation, as I understand it, the same knacker has similarly difficult relationships with Ashington AFC, Blyth Spartans FC, Heaton Stannington FC, Billingham Town FC, Northallerton FC, possibly Whickham FC and hardly has the red carpet rolled out for him at Percy Main either. There are probably more. I don’t think it will be long before he adds Newcastle Benfield to the list. You might find out more if you were to frequent the Non-League Zone forum – click here

This social hand grenade claims to love NE non-league football. You might be forgiven for deducting that his behaviour proves something different. Then again, I’m a big believer that you don’t beat up on the people you love.

We’ve had it for years with The Mag and by association so has the Newcastle United Supporters Trust, the Football Supporters Federation and Supporters Direct. Sunderland and Boro fanzines A Love Supreme and Fly Me To The Moon will relate similar tales as will several other national and local football and music publications who for some reason he has decided to attack. There’s a lad doing stuff with jazzy socks in this city who feels his unwanted attentions as well. Honestly, there appears no limit.

There are several off the top of my head working in journalism who I can name who are able to relate similar tales of his at best obnoxious behaviour. You might add political organisations to the list too.

His latest target is North Shields and their fans it appears. You’ll struggle to work out why. There aren’t real reasons so far as I can see them. That’s why he’ll invent some in my opinion. The good people at North Shields can try confronting him. They can try ignoring him. Neither guarantees success – success measured in him going away at any rate. He is capable of making someone’s life a misery and he occupies a disproportionate amount of a lot of people’s time and is a distraction, never in my experience a sustainable force for good or anything constructive.

I could kick myself for typing this up because he’ll be revelling in the attention.  However, the people at North Shields and elsewhere should know – they aren’t alone.


Anyway, high-flying North Shields make the short trip to West Allotment. The Robins are westallot1in an impressive third place in the First Division of the Northern League and with a fair wind could make it a league title and Wembley appearing season before the end of May. These are heady days for North Shields. I may be overcooking it a bit but should Shields continue to soak up the support from disaffected Mags in their town then there are only good times ahead. 1000+ turned up for North Shields’ FA Vase game with Phoenix Sports. If that support can be galvanised and sustained, North Shields could be on their way to a position where they look Blyth and possibly even Gateshead in the eye in terms of status. It would be fantastic for football on Tyneside.

Anyway. West Allotment aren’t having a great season but they are cracking club who stay almost next door to Darsley Park, training ground of the Sports Direct Works Team. I’m sure they would welcome some new faces to the game and with no United this weekend, you have no reason to stay away.

I’m confident Shields will be taking a good number to West Allotment and they will create a good atmosphere. Could be canny.

That said, you might fancy a different game – check out the full Northern League fixture card here

Where-ever you go, have a great time, buy a club badge, a pie, a tea, a pie or whatever and help out some good football clubs that aren’t being used to promote minty trackie bottoms.


That is all.


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