Some of us will be headed for Manchester on Saturday for an evening of dubious pleasure telliesat The Etihad Stadium but most of our support will be back home and taking the game in on TV either at home or going down the pub.

If we might be so bold, could we suggest that in support of your local non-league club, you have a wander down to their club house and spend your beer money there while watching the Magpies thrill the watching nation (cough) as they take the fight to The Citizens.

Some of your non-league clubs may be playing away from home but might have the match on anyway. For example, our new best mates, Heaton Stan happen to be away at Stokesly on Saturday but tell us the club house will be open and the United game will be on. Have a stroll round there and take the game in and put some money in the non-league till. You’ll feel good about it.

We know Ashington has a great club house and very much think The Colliers will have the game on.

Ryton are at home on Saturday to another cracking club Billingham, so you could take in that game and then watch The Toon in the club-house afterwards.

That is all.


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